SIDETRACKED with Blue Vino: Episode 248 featuring Adam Kokesh

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Special Guest: Adam Kokesh recorded on: 10/19/2018

Adam returns to discuss Liberty, Freedom & how the campaign trail is going for 2020 so far. We'll likely get into all sorts of other discussions, as we do.

All in 30 Minutes!!

Want to help me finally free America from the federal government?

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Kokesh’s campaign threatened my family and I by plotting a cyber attack which could have really ruined my life, simply because they lost money here on Steemit from a donor after I wrote an article critiquing them.

I am spreading the word for those that may not know.

He and Ben Farmer have threatened and pressured others as well, including women and children.

They are conmen, and are using the voluntaryist “storefront” for money, attention, and power.

All of us who have been burned by these guys simply want an answer.

I've been pretty disconnected and haven't chatted with you for a long time, Adam. Good to see you're alive and well. I hope you use great operational security. I made a new account called @cybersec if you want to reduce your online fingerprint. Not shilling the account, just want you to be safe. Keep spreading the message!


I could perhaps use your service—others as well—to defend against cyber security attacks this guy’s campaign has been plotting (see comment above).


Glad to see you continuing to move forward .