Humans of Bitcoin Podcast with Matt Aaron: War Veteran Adam Kokesh Takes On Trump

in dsound •  9 months ago

After the Iraq War, Adam Kokesh turned his rebellious streak on the US govt. The #FinallyFreeAmerica campaign & running for POTUS is just one of his tactics. Is a libertarian, decentralized lifestyle the only option for a free America?

About the Episode

It is impossible to not be intrigued when you read Adam's Wikipedia page.

Adam is no stranger to controversy. Protesting with Iraqi Veterans Against War and other groups, he has been arrested multiple times.

Based on the principles of his book Freedom!, which he started writing while in prison for civil disobedience, Adam is running for Not-President of the United States.

Humans of Bitcoin:

Humans of Bitcoin tells the stories of people whose lives have been impacted by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Guests range from activists and refugees to artists and entrepreneurs. At Humans of Bitcoin, we just want to know how cryptocurrency is changing people’s lives, and why.

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Sounds interesting. I'm going to listen to it now. Viva la revolution! Respect for all your hard work brother.

Human of Bitcoin is kinda new to me and the audio will take quiet some time to listen to. 44 minutes.

Great talk! You should definitely try

hopefully he takes on Trump after he signs the federal end of cannabis prohibition.

yes its really crytical things

Hey Adam I think you might like my channel.