Steemit: The future of social media with @kenwebster live on KPRC AM 950

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Always such an honor to talk with @kenwebster! Please give him a follow and check out his work here:

Want to help me finally free America from the federal government?

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Steemit is the future of investigative journalism! Look at how well Ben Swann is doing!!

it's always a great thing to read your content, you do really help us a s a new users of steemit, i appreciate your work, and for sure we will learn much more from your friend so i give him a follow. thank you dear @adamkokeshfor usual great content. it's a pleasure to have you here .have a great night.

its always a pleasure to listen , in with all the FUD today and other days its always a good to know that there are guys out there that are standing up with the community to fight a common enemy,

Wow !! Good work @adamkokesh
I listen the whole interview.
Nice analysis and explanation is really [email protected]

Once upon a time, there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Our lives did not revolve around a stream of status updates, tweets, videos and filtered photos. That was just 10 years ago.
But now a days social media is used those by artificial intelligence

amazing post as always,
glad to have you here, keep up
social media's future is here let's take it higher..

Better president than trump for sure #kokesh2020 😅

Hello I have just joined the steemit platform and I has to say that I am everything made delights! Your post is great continuous like that! I am going to follow you in any case to take forward your work! Peace

thank you Sir on your post I Yes ready I carried out as steemians

I'm here on steemit for a week now, and I like how this platform works. On this social, you get rewarded for writing content and help others to get recognized.So the reward is more power (steem power) for filtering content with voting. Btw I like podcast episode you were on, but you have a mistake when explaning blockchain, you said all cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain. But I get you were under pressure and you wanted to say so much , so I dont bame you.

Thank for share
i unvote you

Hi @adamkokesh

Very good post, Thank you for sharing this
Let me resteem this post!

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Fantastic! 😍😍😍

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