Daily SteemDollar Mine (DSM) Week2 Day4

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Screenshots Of Week 1 Day 3 Payout





Just before you upvote,

We'd like to remind us of the need to comment after upvoting. DSM will eventually get to the stage where more than 20 users will be upvoting its posts daily.
The tab showing voters displays a maximum of 20 voters. It is likely that you upvote but we cannot identify you all because your name is not among the 20 there. Which is why leaving a short comment behind will establish the fact that you upvoted.

Moving on,

The drill is well known by now. Tap the necessary buttons to be a miner for today.

Here is how this works.

Every day till steemit is no more,which is just not possible, we'll be having a DSM post where every upvoter gets to earn from it.

100% of the payout from this post goes to all upvoters,and everyone gets an equal share once it has been claimed. This is one way whales can help minnows and newbies as their votes increase the amount everyone is entitled to.

In addition to taking a cut of the payout, upvoting early guarantees you curation earnings.

Upvote this post, resteem and leave a comment below to be identified as one of our miners for the day.

images (8).jpg

P.S: We'd like to say thank you to all who have been upvoting till date.Our next DSM payout will be today.
Don't forget the fact that the payout for previous DSM posts have not been claimed so you still can share in it by upvoting and resteeming.

Special thanks making this a reality.

In addition, we'd like to urge you to ensure whales or steemians who could increase the payout get to see this post as this would go a long way to helping minnows and newbies.

Also, to make sure this platform gains wider visibility, we are introducing the #dsm hashtag. So if you don't want to go through the hassle of searching your feed for the DSM post, just search for #dsm and we'll be popping up on your screen.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Upvoted and resteemed

And another one done. Thanks again for the correct payouts. See u tomorrow ;)

I am on the list! @tellafriend