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La Familia was a group of hackers and bitcoin miners that got rekt by the bear market and the Venezuelan government. First, they took down a couple of our facilities, seizing all the miners which they later used to mine for themselves. Those greedy and corrupt bastards.... After a month or so, since they first started taking our miners, they proceeded to arrest us, one by one. Consequently, we had to shut down the entire mining operation as we couldn't keep losing hardware and had to make up cash to pay legal expenses and that is exactly when bitcoin started crashing. Unable to afford lawyers, we were facing an unfair trial and up to 30 years in jail, being labeled as terrorists and enemies of the country.

We already lost all hope when one day, we got a surprise visit from El Patrón. He made us an offer we couldn't refuse. He promised to bail us out under one condition, which was that we modernize his empire through the usage of blockchain technology. First, we had to set up, run and maintain what soon became the most powerful mining facility in the entire world and then we made him a privacy coin to ensure fast, efficient and anonymous transactions.

The rest is history.


Apart from eliminating other cartels out of the game, one of our current goals is to take down the Venezuelan government which ruined our business and our country, to get revenge and ensure wealth and prosperity for all of its citizens. We will pulverize any opposing cartel that crosses paths with La Familia and make allies with those cartels which agree on a partnership that assures mutual benefits. DWC is one of them. They are our first and most loyal allies.

Any other cartel leader is free to contact El Patrón and express their desire to become allies of La Familia. He will consider your offer and make what he thinks is the best decision for our cartel.

Benefits of being a member of La Familia

  • Free protection for our members (we are here for one another, assuring best profits for each other while taking out anyone who stands in our way)
  • You will ever be attacked by members of La Familia members (27 and counting) nor will you be attacked by allied cartels (greatly advancing your edge in the game and securing your resources)
  • Bonus features which wont be disclosed in this post so that other cartels don't copy our game!

What we expect from our cartel members

  • Loyalty (no snitching - snitches get stitches)
  • Readiness to stand behind and fight by the side of any of our cartel members
  • Help in recruiting new members
  • Being ready to do whatever it takes to acquire best profits for our cartel and all of our members
  • Helping newcomers make a name for themselves
  • Taking good care of La Familia
  • Occasional donations to ensure steady growth of La Familia and its members

Donations made to the cartel will be used to fund its growth and assure mutual benefits for all of its members.

NOTE: Neither El Patrón nor anyone else for that matter will take any funds from La Familia. Our cartel doesn't take any profits but rather ensures that its members make the best profits for themselves.

How to join La Familia

  • Contact El Patrón or any other La Familia member on discord or leave a comment on this post

la familia logo.jpg

What are you waiting for?

Join La Familia today!

Find us on Discord

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Viva La Familia

Viva La Familia!

La Familia + DWC Posse = Unstoppable!

That's the goal!

Im down with the Clown Gang 🤡 and La Familia 💪

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Well hello! I am one of the V12 clan who would like to join! Please could you kindly add me as a member? @derangedvisions has sent me in this direction. Looking forward to taking over the world with you guys!
Gangsta Bulldogs

Of course you can! La Familia is open for new members 24/7. You will be added in a couple of minutes.

Thank you :)

please take me in

Hello, as messaged to you over discord. I like to join this cartel because of the description mentioned here.

!bookkeeping drugwars

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Hi @joedukeg!



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I would like to join please

Long live the Family!

Long and strong, together we will own!

Hi, i want to join in the familia

Hey @pagliozzo you will be added shortly!

Can't add you because you are already in La Piovra.

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Yes as a member of La Familia I had to make the promiss that we have to protect each other, and do our bests to keep the familia unite and growing our cartel and production and armys together. If the familia separates all our empire will ruin itself.

Join us now in discord chat in the link !

I'm willing to join the LAFAMILIA, i hope its not late already

I would like to join La Familia!


Hey! Eres Venezolano? Saludos mi pana actualmente estoy jugando pero no entiendo mucho el juego! Me interesaría ingresar a la Familia!

Argentino hermano, este clan también puede ser para hispanohablantes ya que yo estaré traduciendo todo al español y también estaré grabando videos en español explicando el juego asi como en inglés.

Unete al grupo de discord y ahi manda la invitacion para entrar, te vas a divertir y ganas unos steems en el camino.

Saludos !

Count me in!

Hey I am up to join La familia.

I do intend learning a few phrases to go with the language of flavor :)

Join our Familia! This is going to be one of the best cartel <3 Rock La Familia.

Please take me in!

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How to join to La Familia?

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!bookkeeping drugwars

Hi @fotomindo!



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I'd like to join La Familia :)

I would like to joins La Familia. Where do I have to sign up?

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Yo lafamilia,
Just requested a join in the gang, count me in!

I'm already down with you in drugwars but i can't reach you on discord

Hello La Familia,

I know a guy who knows a guy..

Ah.. not really.. But I'd like to join your family anyhow.

Please accept me as a member of La Familia.