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RE: Announcing new share options for your fights, gang bosses kicking players and some help with the airdrop

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Hello @fingersik follow these step by step:

  • inserting your wallet address by pressing on the button with 3 dots will make you be able to authenticate again with SteemConnect
  • writing a public to Steem attestation bot will make the next attestation public
  • You need to sign the message again and then send the signature to bot after they have signed i
  • there are some bugs on mobiles apps that sometimes they don't scroll to next message, so manually scrolling down to see if there is new message would probably help too

I get that far then it tells me I dont have the correct address on the signature... but it automatically fills in the address and I can’t change it ???

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or in other words "did you try to turn it off and on?":D thanks bro it works now

🎁 Dear @fingersik,

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