So Addictive That We Broke the Server! :)

in drugwars •  7 months ago 

Who would have thought drugs are addictive, right? Before you call the Narcotics Police Department, let me say we're talking about an online game, no one I know uses Steem blockchain for gangster-like activities. :P

I've heard about DrugWars almost 48 hours ago, had the first contact with it the same evening, but really didn't start playing until yesterday.

This is far from a stable version, we gained early access to the game and this way we can play, grow our 'drug' empire, test and report bugs at the same time, and support development through purchases (instant building).

The DrugWars has got so much attention from people who enjoy playing online games (or just to earn Steem!) since it was opened to public, that we practically broke the server. On many occasions logging in didn't work and the game interface didn't keep up with the entries on the blockchain.

All these will be fixed, because I suppose the developer, @hightouch only now sees the game in true gaming conditions, which cannot be simulated by a few individuals in a closed testing environment.

Let's remember the game is 48 hours, maybe 36 hours since it became open to the public!

Let's also remember SteemMonsters had plenty of bugs in the early days, which were fixed one by one.

Finally, I managed to avoid a mistake I did with SteemMonsters and which is still costing me there: not joining early.

While there are so many things to fix, this is the time to join DrugWars, if you want to have better chances in the game.

Still unclear if referral links work right now, but if you want to join, I'd appreciate if you'll join using my link below. Thank you!!/ref/@gadrian

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@gadrian to my observation the referral code does work as i did receive additonal steem rewards compared to what i was promised. Just a little tough, feels like i'm playing the game half blind only being able to see half the information i want to see. Still a long way to go!

I agree, there's still much work to be done. But... the game is still not officially launched yet.

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The referral link is not working for the moment and should be one of bugs that the team should fix in the near future... 5 of my friends have join the game with my referral link and they don't show at all and not even the 5% is not showing...
Anyway like you mention the game really got a lot of attention and i hope all the bugs will be fixed soon.
In the rest the game and the concept are amazing!😉

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I've seen in discord that we don't see it yet, but all referrals are recorded on the server side. But with all the early bugs, we can't be sure.

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Drugwars is an awesome game, STEEM IT moving forward! Upvoted and greetings from !

Yes, once the bugs are taken care of, I think it will be a major hit.

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I started playing as well. :) I think the creators did not expect attentions this high.

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Yup, I think so too. We will see very soon how they'll adjust to being under pressure and the spotlight.

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