Learn My New DrugWars Strategy to Hunt & Track Noobs for Profit! Updates Improve the Battle Scene!

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Check out my video to learn how I hunt down NOOBS for


DrugWars Update!

If you're not playing DrugWars, or if even if you are, you may not be aware of how the recent updates and have changed the game. Watch my video and learn how to maximize your battle profits by tracking down easy targets!

These new changes give DrugWars players an easier ability to find players outside their level that provide a better chance to make more profit in battles! I really enjoy these updates and in my opinion these are great improvements made to the game!

I hope you enjoy my video about DrugWars!

So What's Changed?

1. FIND TARGETS for battles:

You can now see players outside your own level range

This gives you a great way to find poor noobs!

2. No More Sheilds

Repeat attacks to DrugWarriors with no army!

3. Blind Attacks!

No more scoping out a potential target's army!

New Strategy - Make Hitlist!

Remember to

Please use my referral link to sign up if you're not playing! DrugWars is a great and fun way to earn more STEEM!

DrugWars Referral Link: https://drugwars.io/i/cryptoknight12

Comment below if you desire to be removed from my hitlist ;)

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Hi Steemians. Today, I'd like to introduce you to th...


This game macke me crazy

tell me about it, these videos ended up backfiring and bringing attention I didn't really want!

Now I spend all my money on a massive army though :)

last attack time kinda useless - no shields, everyone can attack your farm when u waiting for them to gain more resources

It's good to know when you last attacked so you have a cadence to attack after they've built up more resources. You don't want to attack after only an hour from taking everything, since they have not had a chance to build up.

It just drives the formula to the right of it though if you're wondering that, makes entering the next attack time easier

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