Win 5 Steem Guessing the DrugWars Balance!

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Guess the Price of and Get a Free SteemMonsters Card and 5 Steem


All you have to guess the balance of the Total Prize Balance. Currently it is at 1589 Steem. Let's see where the balance goes now. All you have to do is guess what the balance will be 5-7 days from now. Congratulations @kramgelo , you had the closest guess. You receive 5 points, 50,000 MoneyBags💰 and a 100% upvote. @fredkese you get 2nd and receive 4 points, 25,000 MoneyBags💰 and a 50% upvote. @fromgreenland you get 3rd and receive 3 points, 10,000 MoneyBags💰 and a 50% upvote . @sportsjrfc2018 you get 4th and receive 2 points and a 50% upvote. @ronel you get 5th and receive 1 point and a 50% upvote.

Current Leaderboard

1. @msena17
2. @nihar196917
3. @mk99203917
4. @fuentesjo300617
5. @stnr14
6. @carton14
7. @nrr77714
8. @cloudblade12
9. @mb0020711
11. @fredkese10
12. @gbk789
13. @rollxp8
14. @mendezand7
15. @vempromundo5
16. @moneyandmoney5
17. @blogiwank5
18. @guurry1235
19. @praditya5
20. @daniel30505
21. @gentlemanoi5
22. @kramgelo5
23. @shebe4
24. @rupok4
25. @urinalysis4
26. @dimelopons4
27. @nzl195003
28. @fromgreenland3
29. @jmehta3
30. @gretna3
31. @steven-patrick3
32. @allinbet2
33. @sportsjrfc20182
34. @colon20182
35. @fastold2
36. @idlejack2
37. @the4thmusketeer1
38. @ronel1
39. @yasayanoluler1
40. @amahovac931

What is Guess the Price

To win, just guess what the prize balance of will be in 5-7 days from the time of this post. The top 5 guesses will receive points 5 for 1st, down to 1 for 5th place. The first person to 30 points will receive a SteemMontsters Card and 5 Steem. You will roll the dice in The General Channel of The-City and that number will match the card you will win from my collection. That's not the only thing you get for playing. On each post, the closest guess will receive 50,000 MoneyBags💰. The next closet guess will receive 25,000 MoneyBags💰 and 3rd place will receive 10,000 MoneyBags💰. All entries will receive an Upvote. You can claim any winnings by commenting in The General Channel of The-City with the message "I won ___ place on guess the price of Drugwars"

So here is what you do:

  1. Upvote
  2. Comment with your Guess
  3. Resteem OR mention 2 friends that might like to play
  4. (optional)Join

Entries must be made within 48 hours of this post's time.

Here's a sample entry:
2578 Steem
@timetraveljesus @steven-patrick

What is is the apex of a idle game evolution. I've played a ton of idle games similar to this. One of the most popular being Goo. The problem with most of those games is you have to keep your eye on transaction fees, or they tend to eat up your profit. With having no transaction fees and almost instant transaction speed, you can't deny this is the better experience. The Steem Network pairs perfectly with this fun and addictive Idle game.

In the game you produce 3 resources. Drugs, Weapons, and Alcohol. You need Drugs and Weapons to make Alcohol. You need Drugs and Alcohol to make Weapons. You need all 3 resources to produce Drugs. This is because you receive a daily cut of Steem based on your Drug production. You can also add your Drugs to Heists and profit Steem as well. You can upgrade buildings to increase your productions. These all have cooldowns and cost resources, but you can bypass these speed bumps by purchasing the upgrades with Steem. This is what feeds the games economy.

It's a great game, and you can play for free or not. If your around your computer alot, you can accomplish what a paying player can. You also get a cut of your referrals rewards. Anytime your referrals get paid, you do too. This is the alpha so its still early enough to get a good production going before everyone starts playing.

shout out to @mendezand who did this banner ^^^

The closest guess gets a 100% upvote. The next 4 get a 50% upvote, and the rest receive a 10% upvote.

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cool contest

@citimillz , @thevillan

I think it will be 1250 Steem. Anyone who says it will go up has no brain lol

1467 Steem
@rosibelsac @franz54


lets got with 1200 steem

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1138 steem

In 5-7 days time you never know whether drugwars will pay in STEEM, it would be replaced by FUTURE token! Your contest will be in jeopardy if you rely on drugwars cos rules change everyday :)

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So the answer would be 0 STEEM then?

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