Check my latest fight ! purbow vs arwine

in drugwars-fight •  last month

12.jpgThank You DW!

Nasib baik dapat sikarap hari nie... DW... Buli tambah lagi tu % vote ka?... Heheee..

dasar tamaha kan.. No joke no fun!... Hahaa

Sya baru mo buat troop hari nie... Hari nie mo buat bouncer untuk angkut resources dari 6 acc sy yang lain...

Jgn main2 bebeh! Buat troop tu senang macam makan kacang jee... Kalau berani antam lah... (minta puji punya ayat.. hahaha..kitai)

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Congratulations @arwine ! Your fight received an upvote of 3.2% from the King Dealer as incentive for your activity and as a gratitude for your support to the game.
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