Kleferein: The King is dead. Long live the King!

in #drugslast year

Murti-Bing took another fruit from the molecular Tree of Life. Its name is 3-chloro-4-fluoro-piperein and it growth on the same branch as 2,3-dimethylo-piperein. Let's take a closer look on this fruit. In Poland it is not classified in any list, it does not meet criteria of so called analog act as well.


25-60 mg – this dose produces state of well-being and relaxation;
60-100 mg – produces strong euphoria, delicate stimulation and relaxation;
100-150 mg + - produces strong euphoria, provides real serotonin blast, possibly delicate hallucinations.

Optimal field of exploration is 25-100 mg. Larger doses act longer and one does not have an urge to redose, smaller doses act shorter and one feels a need to redose.
Main routes of administration are insufflation and oral. Strong short term burning sensation in mucosa appears, when one insufflating the substance. Effects onset for a few minutes after administration. This substance mainly produces strong euphoria and mild stimulation. Notably eases social interaction, acts as aphrodisiac for both sexes. Perception of sensual stimulus becomes much more pleasant. Music appreciation increases, because of it the substance has a potential as a party-drug. Colour perception changes in a manner comparable to MDMA. Visuals may appear with eyes closed.

With smaller doses an urge to redose may appear approximately every 30 minutes. With larger doses researchers seemed to be satisfied for 3-4 hours, feeling fabulous euphoria.

It is important not to pile it on. Larger doses cause hallucinations. It is very pleasant experience, although may result in slight disorientation when in company. With doses that were way too high main observable side effect was vomiting.

In comparison with 4CMC 3,4-CFP is approximately 2-3 times more active, does not produce strong stimulation and is more euphoric and pleasant. This compound is closer to 3CMC, but, same as above, is 4-5 times stronger and more pleasant.
It resembles MDMA the most as all effects are identical.

Side effects
Until now are not studied. It is known that it causes so strong serotonin blast, that it is necessary to wait at least one week until full effect can be reconstituted.

Final opinion
The King is dead. Long live the King! – because the new king is here, in front of you and his name is Kleferein. It is not even a replacement. It is new quality.


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