Taking 6g Shrooms, Edibles, Hash & Weed in the Rockies

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Experience how it feels to take 6 grams of Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana Mushrooms each, Sativa & Indica Medical Marijuana, Edible Cannabis Oil and Moroccan Hash at the same time!!! This epic trip takes place in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in a stunning location. Join Slivr of Truth & illesTrips as they lead a psychonaut excursion into the knowledge of infinite oneness. Watch 4 souls go through the experience while the poetic words of Terence McKenna explain the essence of the message from The Mushroom. We collectively stopped using all pharmaceuticals (within reason) and have used these psychedelic trips to combat depression, anxiety and existential angst. Pharmaceutical drugs are a parasite feeding on our civilization and psychedelics have the potential to connect us back to the "Gaia" in a real sense. This is the raw version of what a heroic dose can do! Expect abrasive language.

Disclaimer: Dont Do Drugs!

Only do the drugs your doctor makes money from.


I do think the pharmaceutical industry is out of control. It's like they come up with a disease to fit the drugs they create.