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Howdy folks'.

The word this week from the Buddy Up community is Admiration. Another word I am not too sure I know how to write about. This might test my mind.

Each week a word is chosen by the community and suggested as a post to write about, There is no condition to what you write other than it must incorporate the word of the week into the post. As the content the reason why or other. There is no right or wrong type post.
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Off the bat it sounds very much like a military word. But as usual there is too many meanings to a word. The word should mean something and not be meaning something else.

For admiration though, I don't hold too much to it myself. I might like a thing about a person, but I would not admire them for it. There was an instance recently were I was told that I was admired for some time by this person before they spoke to me. I am unsure why I was admired, I was taken a bit a-back by being admired. Knocked out of my safe zone and replied I had admired them too for some time. (This might have been a white lie, I would say I had been in adoration of them for some time). Some may actually admire me for holding on so tight to the way I am wrapped around that little finger.

That would be my only encounter with admiration that I can recall. There have been some I have met and have great respect for them for different reasons. It might be their knowledge of a particular subject. Take for example Brian Cox. He knows some specified knowledge about quantum physics and the Universe. He might have extensive knowledge in comparison to others. It is his area of expertise. He should know more than the rest of us. He can impress me with what he knows abut the workings of the universe and the working of the quantum world, It does not escalate him to an admiration status.

For myself I might not have come across that thing that is worthy of admiration. Maybe I fail to find the emotion that would lay behind it.

I see some conflict in admiration. I can see were it can be given. Maybe so in an instance it is deserved, Maybe not. Take for example a soldier by all appearances he is brave, relentless in his task. continues to strive to gain the advantage for the team over the enemy. His bravery in combat is second to none. He has gone into no mans land and brought back many injured. He has done this at risk to his own life with regard to saving the lives of his comrades.

I was that soldier. the truth is, I was scared shitless and I wanted to get out of there as feckin' quick as possible. I was just getting the men to the helicopter cause it would not take off without them.

^^ That was a joke ^^

Another instance might be he did not care if he lived or died, He joined the army with a broken heart. Using his placement in war as a suicide effort.

My point being without going on with examples of what might have happened. Why he behaved the way he did. The admiration for an action is not often reflective of the reason for giving the admiration. I don't really like the word admiration too much it seems, it leaves too many things open.

Take for an instance: You do something for a community. Those in the community develop a respect and a kind of admiration for you. Because of the deed you have done. If you travel to the village miles down the road, this admiration does not carry with it.

You might have some admiration for the fella down the road. He works for the sewage company and he unblocks the big sewage blockages that build up. in the pipes. When that torpedo turd you you sent out wedges it on the ledges of an over-flow. The whole thing (maybe I should of spelt whole hole there for pun). bakes up and someone has to do the shovelling. That's that guy down the road Harry.

Ye know Harry don't ye. That big lookin' guy. He wear's those big boots. Excuse the pun but he's built like a brick shithouse. Well him ye ye does the sewers. Got to admire him for doing a job like that, Not very many of us would like to take on that job. Although we may admire him for taking on such an occupation so we can flush in the evening, save us waking up to the bang. I still would not like to go for a beer with him after work. You see that would be taking admiration too far.

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I look at myself and I wonder about admiration. I know one person has said they admire me, reason unknown. Do I admire anyone myself. I guess those that continue to listen to me, or at least pretend to listen while I talk I admire them for the times they must have been thinking FFS Tom, STFU and give my feckin ears a rest (although, they probably would not say feckin'). Then them not saying so. The opposite of that, is when I do not have things on my mind, I am quite content to sit without idle chit chat. (something I find hard to relate to too).

I respect the opinion others have, I respect it is their opinion, even if I do not understand the reasoning behind getting there. These are not people I would say that I admire. I just respect the differences we might have along with the commonalities.

To some degree I would like acknowledgement if I achieve something. Admiration for it is not something I would care too much about. Everything I achieve from here will be done because it is the best thing to do, I both think and feel this.

Saying that, I think the biggest admiration should not be to an individual. I can admire much easier a team effort. When people with difference can place those same differences aside to achieve a common goal. Even greater is the admiration when all parties continue to abide by the agreed terms. When something does what it was (good) intended for and not fall to abuse or greed.

Giving away admiration myself on a conscious level. There would be only one that holds a position there. This is probably more to my imagination and persona reflection of who a person is. But I would Adore the physical appearance. Lust after embracing and admire everything else.

I am so dayum lucky no one reads these posts I make.

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I've always read the ones that are here already when I post mine, from when I started, and yours have been here already every time when I post. So people do read them. :)

If you look at the word "admirable," and how it's used, I think it makes more sense. For example, the guy who risked his life to save his buddy - regardless of his motive for risking his life, the fact that he risked it to save someone else is an admirable thing to do for your fellow human.

Or take a guy that tries to step in and stop a woman from being beaten, but he ends up being beaten also - his action in trying to help the woman was admirable, regardless of the fact he just ended up with injuries.

Being honest is admirable. So is being thoughtful, or being selfless, generous, kind, etc. People that have these and other valued traits don't seek admiration - others admire them for having the traits because they're "just that type of person naturally." In other words, they aren't phonies, they are the real deal.

I went to the extreme maybe. On once admired they should be admired.

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