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RE: To put it in perspective, I had the house to tidy.

in #dropintheocean6 years ago

loved what you said about how insignificant that moment was....
it really does help to put it all into perspective - so that we can change our perception

woooooooooot. i'm getting it @shadowspub
LOLOL i'm just gonna keep tagging on you every comment so you can see i'm really trying to see the difference between the two words LOL

but yeah Cal... see this is what i meant about perspectives dividing. (the harmful ones)

when we allow our perceptions and perspectives (both in this case) to be the thing that causes us to pull away from people in anxiety and discomfort and confusion.... THAT'S the ones that I hate.

i hate division. hate separation. hate that disconnect.

so glad you're back hinny <3


Totally, it's quite crazy how fast it can consume the mind if you let it! I definitely saw the importance of the two words when processing the whole situation. Perception means an awful lot more than we typically let on.

It's great to be back behind the wheel :) Was so good hearing from you all!

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