Drone Adventure in Lisse, Holland ~Tulips, Trains & the Keukenhof Castle

in drone •  2 months ago 

I cycled from The Hague to Lisse with my awesome Dji Phantom 4 Pro ~~
Me n' my drone were on a mission to get some tulip footage. Time was running out, tulips were fading away... I scoped out the location on a Friday, marked down the best spots where it was scenic & legal for me to fly and then went back three days later. It took me two hours to get there but I loved it!! The tulip drone adventure was ON.

The golf course next to the giant pink tulip field is the footage I specifically went to get. It is my favourite.

I want to go back and get better train footage. This was my first train capturing experience :P

I'm chuffed with the castle footage though. I'd been flying for quite a while, was on my hundredth battery and felt rather agile. There were two kids with their dad who were very curious. I showed them the footage on my screen. They thought it was super cool ;D ;D ;D Then I landed the drone and captured it perfectly with my hand. I was a total badass hahahaha~~~

Love it!!

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Amazing! I love tulips. I have a pot of pinkish-purple ones at my table, but the flowers are practically gone. It's a pity they are so short lived and then we have to wait for the whole year for them to come back. But I guess it's a part of the magic.

Oooh, they sound so pretty! Yes, I think you have a very good point, perhaps that is part of the magic ;D

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