Pirates, T-shirts, and Delayed Gift Opening

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One of my favorite people on steemit, @dreemsteem, had a pirate/treasure hunting series on steemit several months ago. You'd go around and read people's posts and find certain little nuggets in there and win prizes. And talk like a pirate. I'm sure there was more to it, but that's the general thrust.

Anyway, I won a prize in her treasure hunt. She asked me what prize from her giant pile of prize loot I might want. Seeing as how I'm a t-shirt and shorts kind of guy, I went with the pirate t-shirt.

She then mailed me the t-shirt in a nice padded enveloped, which I received.

I then held onto the package, not opening it.

I told myself I wanted to open it when I would wear the shirt, and then I could take pictures and make a little thank-you post to the nice lady that sent me the shirt.

All of this was back in March. So, like, 5 months ago.

I only just opened the gift now.

I'm a terrible person.

And yet, this is not the first time this has happened. I do this with Christmas gifts too, and birthday gifts. Some things I use right away, but other things I keep in my closet or garage unused. And then when the time is right, I use it. It's like a whole new Christmas, a whole new receiving of the gift. Sometimes I discover gifts I've forgotten, stuffed in a drawer or hidden under the bed. My birthday all over again!

So that's my excuse.

Now, to be be clear, I opened the package, and the shirt is in my hands. Any bets as to how long it will take me to actually wear it?

I'm sure this is a selfie. @dreemsteem makes for an attractive pirate.

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Haha ... this is very serendipitous. I was just discussing with @yahialababidi that we experience things when we are ready. You were obviously not fully ready to be a pirate:):):)

Ai Ai, matey:):):)

That is a great shirt:)

  • This comment was written while spoken in a pirate accent.

Haha, yes, there's a metaphor, here... But, on the literal level, I cannot imagine waiting that long to open a gift!


Christmas in July is not such a terrible thing! :)


Me neither ... I stand in awe of #negativer:)


I was clearly not ready to be a pirate. I'm still not sure if I am. Maybe I need to wear the shirt in order to make myself ready.

Chicken and egg scenario, perhaps?


Only one way to find out:)

Ahhhh, delayed gratification!
Well played, sir,

Where's the picture of you wearing it?


Delayed gift opening, and even more delayed gift wearing!

I'm going to bring it with me on my road trip in my landwhale this weekend to North Dakota. Perhaps I can get all my various steemit topics to come together in a single photo.

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