Beach Vacation, Underwater Observatory, Zero Privacy Hotel Room

in #dreams2 years ago

In this one, I was in the midst of some recreation (how topical!) at some sort of shoreline resort. There was a gliding stage toward the finish of a wharf, made out of four docks spread out in a square, with blessing shops and lodges along them. They were extremely quick to offer me poop while I was there.

At one corner of the dock stage, I found a vertical passage encasing a winding staircase. It lead down to submerged perception deck, which was overloaded and kept submerged by the drifting stage blessing shops, lodges, and so on over it.

It started to rain. I wound up in the one of a kind position of having the capacity to watch raindrops hit the surface of the ocean...from underneath the surface. The proprietor greeted me when I returned up. She was an old lady wearing a halloween outfit of a witch.

Obviously I was intended to pay before going down there. She educated me that a "salt water run" would be incorporated into the perception deck confirmation expense. A salt water run was a scuba plunging visit she'd lead me on, where we'd gather brackish water and I could take some of it home with me. No thought why anyone would need this.

Unwinding on the shoreline later, I burrowed an immense hot tub measured opening which loaded with ocean water, similar to a little private pool. There were shrimp and lobsters in it anyway that continued attempting to squeeze me. I set up a hindrance out of mesh so I could keep them out of my area of the "pool".

Later on when the sun went down, I go to the lodging and get together with an ex my identity evidently as yet dating in this fantasy world. She clarifies that her folks demanded dozing in a similar room, so we don't get up to any hanky panky. I was frustrated, yet for the most part weirded out by them watching us as we endeavored to get some rest.

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