Dream Diary - 5/1/18

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Morning All,

Oh my God! I am so tired today. I went to bed about 10pm and I couldn’t get to sleep, not even by 1am. I had to take another tablet to help me drift off to sleep. I did and I have got a few dreams to tell you about. I just wish I felt in a lot happier mood. I feel quite sluggish and unmotivated. Hey ho, it’s Saturday! I’m sure I will perk up later on. Here are my dreams from last night.

Friday 5th January 2018

I dreamed I was at South West Four festival with my ex. The festival had only just started and all the acts were setting up. There were quit a few stalls where they were selling all kinds of stuff from bracelets, booze, glitter face painting and Cannabis plants! My ex was at one of the stalls and the men behind the stalls looked short and fat. They had lots to stubble. They actually looked like they didn’t take care of their appearance. One of the men was wearing shorts, t shirt and a baseball cap. He gave my ex something. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t ask. Then we were at another stall and again my ex was purchasing something. Everything looked ’hush hush’. I did become a little bit suspicious. The sky turned from a bright summers day to a cloudy and wet one. It started to rain on us. Then my ex told be he had been stitched up by the stall men. I found out at the first stall, my ex had purchased a pill. It was laced with a bogey! Then I found out the second purchase was Cocaine! He was upset. I was furious with him! I wanted to leave. I had to walk across the main stage to get to the path that would lead me back to the train station so I could go home.

I dreamt I was in my bedroom. I was on my mobile phone talking to someone when I heard my iPad ring for FaceTime. It was my dad ringing me on my iPad. He kept banging on about a friend’s birthday party, telling me how good it was going to be and that I should really make the effort to go. If only my dad would rein it in a little! If he had come up for air once in a while, I would be able to tell him I was going! Then out of nowhere my TV started to blare out dance music. It was the sort of music I would have heard at the music festival from my first dream if I had stayed!

Finally I dreamed I was half asleep and I was looking at my messages on my phone. I saw I had one from my neighbour. He was telling me he was off to a rave tonight. Then my phone locked up and went back to the home screen. I slid my thumb up the screen where you would get the little icons at the bottom. I wasn’t given icons to choose from. My phone had given me a list of all my messages from everyone going back to quite a few years ago.

Well, I really don’t know what to make of this. I have been to South West Four festival quite a few times. I don’t know why I dreamed I was with my ex. We did however break up because he cheated on me and he did have a massive problem with drink and drugs. That was almost a decade ago! Strange how my other dreams included iPads and mobiles. Why did I dream about communication on these devices? This dream included a lot about music too. Feel free to shed some light on this Steemers. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Well meeting your ex in that dream, hmm let me ask, where you happy to meet her/him?


@josediccus No, can't say I was happy.


Well I'm sorry if I poked a nerve

Seeing your ex in a place you have been several time... Maybe you still have some thing you miss any him, or somewhere in you still wants him. If he didn't cheat and drink and do drugs would you still be with him???


@tutufaith I only went one year with my ex. I definitely don't miss him! I can't say whether or not I would be with him if the past never happened. In a way I'm glad it happened because I met the love of my life :-D

I have gone through your dream diary. It was good and it means that you are loyal with your ex because you are still dreaming about him to have a good sleep. But I advice you forget him and start a new happy and fresh life and enjoy . life could not be spent with sorrows have good dreams about new life and be happy and live courageously thanks


@thedawn I wish I didn't dream about him. He means nothing to me. I am happily married to the love of my life now. I'm glad I went through the pain only to come out on the other side happier than I've ever been. I'm glad you like mu dream diary :-)


Yes I can feel your pain it is very difficult to over come that feelings you have passed with ex but forget him and have successful life I feel you are so sensitive I pray for your Happy life thanks


I am happy to know about your happy life I think you are sensitive due to this you are not forgetting him I pray for your happy life


@thedawn I'm totally over him. I just wish he would stop showing up in my dreams!! Ha ha!

You know there is something about him impossible to erase in you or you just miss some of his moments that even though he was your partner, everything should not be so bad, dreams are sometimes premonitions, I liked your post.