Dream Diary - 2/2/18

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Morning Everyone,

Can you believe I picked up another cold and this time it has hit me 10 fold! I feel like absolute rubbish and my weekend will probably be spent in bed, dosed up to the eyeballs. I only managed about 4 hours sleep! I’ve been awake since 3:45am. I did have a few dreams even though I only had a short amount of time sleeping. Here are my dreams.

Friday 2nd February

I dreamed I was in my old neighbourhood from when I was a teenager. I was walking my old school route back home. Before I got home, I took a detour and I went up a tarmac path that was off another road that leads to the same place. I wasn’t walking up it, I was on my hands and feet climbing up and I was wearing sports leggings and a sports bra. Then I came across a load of women of all ages hanging outside one of the council flats. There was a lady with a bald head who was the youngest of them all. Then there were about 4 ladies in their 40's and 50’s. They were all standing around yakking. I went up to them and I apologised for butting into their conversation, but I wanted to offer help to the bald lady. I think she was suffering from cancer.

Then I dreamed about my husband’s cousin. We were all sat in a living room. His cousin was showing me a video of the front room but it had lots of toys in it and no people. I couldn’t understand why he was showing me this. Then it hit me! It was his way of saying his wife had a newborn. I sat next to his wife and said ”Have you just had a baby?” She said she had.

Finally I dreamed I was in downtown New York and there was this girl who was filming a video for her Instagram. It was one long video full of different genres of music from rap to pop. I was in the video with the other people on the streets. We were bumping and grinding to the music and we were dancing and walking to different places as the music changed. Then we came across a flight of stairs and we had to run and stand on a step in different order and dance. I placed my designer handbag and scarf on the floor and ran up to my step. I saw a shifty woman who was sat next to my stuff and I saw her hand move closer to my belongings. I ran down the stairs, grabbed my handbag and scarf and shouted to her that she is a thief and she was going to steal my stuff!

Not a bad few dreams for about 4 hours sleep! Why do I keep dreaming of people having babies? I don’t want them so why dream about them? No idea why I dreamed about where I used to walk back from school or what the bald headed lady means. I hope I’m not going to lose my hair or become very ill. I have luscious long locks and I always get compliments on it. The music video was weird. I’m pretty sure I have dreamed about this before, but it’s only come to mind because I remember it from last night. I do love dancing! I would literally kill someone if they stole my designer handbag though!

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It is really a big dream and everything so chaotic....may be i will post mine when i get one....and i will help the bald lady....😋


@obaidb2 Lol thanks. That's very nice of you to help her!

Many dreams, much to interpret. I hope I will be able to enrich your perspective. .
You occasionally go to your **neighborhood **before you travel far into the deep realms of the ether world. Why? Because your mind/ego needs to feel secured and usually people felt secured and protected when they were children/teens. So you use the neighborhood scene as a jumping board to the next dream scenarios.
You dream about **babies **because there is some creativity within you that is bursting out or wants to burst out. So, the dream draws your attention to 1) what you may want to do or 2) a process of creativity that is already taking place inside you. Tip: in such dreams pay attention to numbers, as they may testify for the time period until that creative product will manifest.
Isn't dreaming fascinating? bon voyage! :-)