Dream Diary - 12/1/18 (Part 1)

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Good Morning!

I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time. So much so, I still feel pretty tired and I feel like I could sleep for 1000 years! Thank God for coffee! I have so many dreams to tell you about, almost too many. I’ve certainly made up for the lack of dreams. I will write them in two segments. Here is the first.

Friday 12th January 2018 (Part 1)

I dreamed I was at my husbands friends house. There were a few of us there and the couple were hosting a get together. All the food was laid out on a big table. We were sat in the living room. My friend Loz showed us her engagement ring. She isn’t engaged but has been on about getting engaged for years to her boyfriend. The ring was huge! The ’diamond’ was the size of the large screen iWatch, possibly slightly bigger. She held it up against an iPad mini that had a water background. The stone looked like it was made of plastic, but she was happy.

We all got up to help ourselves to food. I picked up a plate. The cutlery had these overly, thick, wide, wavy handles. I picked up a fork and a knife and I helped myself to the salad bowl. First of all I picked up a half eaten slice of cucumber! Gross! I put it back. All I could see was salad! There was no other food or drink!

I dreamed the hostess had a new baby boy. She was showing all the females how she wraps him up to look like a ’glow worm’ on the floor. The babies hands were so tiny! The fingers were a centimetre long and a millimetre thick. The baby picked his nose with every finger!

My dream changed to a supermarket. I was in the cake section with Faz. All the cake was reduced. There were cupcakes, cream cakes, scones… everything was reduced to next to nothing. It was great. We tried to gather up as much cake as we could. I saw an opened sponge cake. It looked like a cupcake bottom with lots of jammy fruit on top with some cream. I took a bite… it was delicious! I looked for more of those cakes, but there wasn’t any. I did come across a sponge cake soaked in Maderia… and boy was it soaked! I decided against that one!

I dreamed I had an emergency appointment with my dentist as I managed to remove all my brackets from my teeth. They were attached on a chain which was then looped around both of my back teeth. The loop came off and no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get it back on. Then the loops turned into safety pins and when they were on my teeth, I couldn’t close my mouth properly.

When I was in the dentist chair, I saw two female students. One I recognised from before. In actual fact, I have never seen her before, not in real life or in one of my previous dreams. The other female had gold braces on. They were worried about studying the next chapter of their course. They both started to get hysterical. An older woman was there and she comforted the students and made everyone tea! Then my dentist was sorting out my brackets and he was flirting with me in the chair and rubbing his nose against mine! Yuk! No thank you!

So this was one mighty dream. I have a lot more to tell you in part 2. Wouldn’t it be weird if my friend got engaged soon after I dreamed about it? I don’t know why I dreamed of very strange cutlery and salad. Yes, I love my food, but salad? I don’t mind salad, I’m just grateful for the cake afterwards! The baby hands were strange. I wish I could show you exactly how small they were. I haven’t got another dentist appointment until the 1st February. I really hope I manage to forget about that part of the dream before I next sit in the chair! I hope you liked this one. Part 2 will have even more surprises!

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You do have some weird dreams, but I do enjoy reading them. It doesn't seem that one person can dream so much, although I've been told we all dream multiple times per night, we just can't remember


@johnwjr7 Yes I do, don't I? Glad you like reading them. Sometimes I wake up and I am sooooo tired, but I make a note of my dream incase I forget, even if it kills me and all I want to do is get back to sleep! :-)

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”


@beulahlandeu I don't know whether that makes any difference or not as I am a woman, but I constantly dream at night. Very rarely do I not have a dream or I have forgotten a dream. :-)

Nice dreams but i usually forget my dreams, the time i open my eyes :)


@haseeb96 I've always remembered my dreams, although some days I really do struggle :-)

Very nice dream diary. Really very interesting story. Thanks for sharing the post.


@thedawn Thank you so much :-D

I already forgot the last time I’m having a dream. I woke up with nothing to remember this days.


@iwanderela Lol, that's funny. I do have days when I can't remember or I didn't dream. Happens once in a blue moon though. :-)

Wow this is quite interesting


@ubongidip Thanks! Glad you liked it :-)

I'm certain you must have been scared as to why you could not close your mouth properly, hahah, well it's another dream diary, well I wish I'd dream too


@josediccus I was more concerned about the way I looked in the dream! Haha. I'm not afraid of the dentist, I just can't understand why my braces were on a chain and safety pins!

Nice pics wawoo .platinum-blue .keep the spirit


You are welcome dia

pictures between dream narration makes it even more interesting


@jacoboram Thank you for your kind words

Thanks for sharing dear RESTEEM done


@asim1234 Glad you liked it :-D


Thanks dear I am new hope you check my blog and support me

Haha... Those cutleries are so huge
Haha.... You give such accurate account of your dream, i can't even remember mine most times
Nice post...


@charles92 I dream 99% of the time and remember them. Sometimes I forget or don't dream but that's very rarely. Glad you liked it :-D


You're very much welcome dear🙌💗

this is great post. I love dreams.


@zainqureshi Thanks, glad you liked it! :-)