Dream Diary - 1/2/18 (Part 1)

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Morning Dreamers,

It’s been a few days since I last had a dream session. I can't remember the last time I have gone this long without having any dreams. I more than made up for it last night. I literally had the most dreams ever in one night. I’m going to write about my dreams over two posts because I had so many. Here is the first lot. I’ll post the second lot later on today folks!

Thursday 1st February (Part 1)

I dreamed I was in an adventure computer game. It was like The Legend of Zelda. I had to walk around completing different tasks and searching for objects. I came across old tunnels, found myself up red, clay mountains and in medieval brick mazes to name but a few.

Then I thought I woke up and saw my husband at the foot of my bed. It was really dark and I could just about make out his face as it had a little bit of light on it, like if it was lit up by moonlight. He had a smile on his face as he approached me and put me at ease. Then he changed and his face morphed into my ex! His face went from a comforting smile to an evil one! He was trying to assault me!!!

I found myself at a small theme park. The rides were situated on a tarmac and concrete carpark. They didn’t look very safe. They looked pretty rickety! I wasn’t on any of the rides, but my body felt like it was! It felt like I was on a roller coaster. I could feel that funny sensation in my stomach as I was moving up and down and round and round at speed! I think I was flying!

I was at my friend Selena’s house. She was having a party. I was sat on a chair and she came over to talk to me. The first thing I noticed was that her legs were covered in fake tan gone wrong! It wasn’t just streaky! It looked like it melted off her and dried! She asked me if she had lost weight. I told her ”You couldn’t get anymore skinny if you tried!” You see, my friend is so tall and slender, it would be impossible for her to lose weight or she’d look like a skeleton!

These are the first part of my dreams. What do you think? I’ve dreamed about being in an adventure game a few times before, but that was before I started sharing my dreams. Am I due to start something new? God knows why I dreamed that my husband turned into my ex. That’s more of a nightmare! Especially I think I suffered some sleep paralysis whilst the attack almost took place! I know I did have to wake up suddenly, but fell back to sleep pretty much immediately. It’s twice now I’ve dreamed about the sensation of flying. I wonder what that means. My poor friend, having the worst fake tan fail, ever! I mean what the hell? Why would I dream about that and her wanting to lose weight? She definitely isn’t a fake tan girl or one who would want to lose weight. If anything, she needs to put it on! Well, I hope you liked these dreams. Do keep an eye out for part 2! It’s pretty juicy!

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what you post is really a dream I am very interested in your dream story anyone who read your story will take it in the eliminasi it is really amazing. i will follow your post with other story


@steem-sahal Thanks! I really enjoy writing about them