"Wild animals are chasing me; Rain of Blood is pouring" - Dream Interpretation

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The Dream

First, I will tell you a few details about me: 24 years old, the eldest of two daughters, my father died six years ago, am about to finish a degree in criminology, not in a relationship, working at a job I hate.

A description of two dreams that I had two nights in a row:

  • The first dream (yesterday): I am being chased by a group of youths who stole my car in the middle of the main intersection on my way home. They chase me to my home and I can't call the police. I try to escape to the garden but in there are about five predators from which I remember only a tiger and a wolf. In the end, with the help of some woman, I managed to get out into the garden while she distracted the animals and phoned the police.

  • Second Dream (Tonight): I sat in the stadium in the high rows, and it was as if my friends and I who were sitting there are about to fall off. There was a great sense of danger. There's a guy calling me and I go to him. There's a fire and screaming in a nearby building. It happened three more times (the whole process) until the third time I started to run there to help, and I heard screams of "Help" and "Mommy". Then a rain of blood began to pour and there was no escape from it. We fled to a building that looked like a clinic with sick, bloody beds but with no bodies.

I awoke with bad feelings and horror as if I had witnessed a terrorist attack. When I came out of my room I discovered my sister awake and writhing with stomach pains - was there a connection? I just feel very upset now.


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My Interpretation

The first dream - you feel that someone is controlling your life; that your life is not your life, you have no control over it and someone else has ownership of what is happening to you. They tell you what to do, how to live, and your hands are tied.

It can definitely be because of the work (which you do not like) or because of temporary thoughts of confusion ("What will become of me? What will I do?"). The dream came to tell you - take ownership of your life. Make decisions because you are the only person who can change anything.

Notice who helped you to eventually escape - a woman! The female energy within you has enormous powers and it is at your disposal at any moment. No external factor (= police) will help you. Only you. An effective and immediate solution to dreams of this kind is to feel loved even if you need to fake the feeling at first or force it.

As for the second dream, it is not easy for me personally to give personal associations to the dreams of disasters of the kind that you dreamed without knowing the people well. The reason is simple - everyone has the ability to dream prophetic dreams and when there is a great probability of disaster/harm in the reality, the higher-self uses the dimension of dreaming to convey messages to the personality to be careful. Sometimes, dreaming itself releases certain energies that are related to the potential of the tragic event so that it does not happen in reality (that is what usually happens, otherwise we would all experience disasters every day).

In other words, it is possible that your dream is prophetic and you have to be careful (about what? From what? It is not known, so no point to overthink this). Perhaps it is just a dream to release excess energies that you were not supposed to remember. Unfortunately, you did remember it and now your mind is worried and preoccupied.


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Besides, many people (who are sensitive to the situation of others and the nation in particular) absorb energy from the consciousness of the masses and then interpret it, in a dream, as a disaster. For example, if the nation is in a state of war many people will dream about disasters. This is also true of your family, the neighborhood you live in or the community you belong to. That is, in such a case the dream has nothing to do with you. Notice that you were watching the situation from above (stadium) and thanks to your values you "jumped" in to help.

Therefore, as you understand there are many possibilities. If I were you I would not be bothered by the dream. Just let go of these thoughts, choose with a conscious intention to be safe ("I am safe and protected in my life"), trust in yourself and in your existence and continue in your life. You can also ask your inner voice to bring you the interpretation of the dream and then, without expecting it, the answer will come (but it is important to release the thought). Do not think too much!


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I agree with you my teacher @nomad-magus. I add a little, that ... Remember !!!, the dream you experience is not real. Nightmares can be caused by a variety of things: the food you eat before going to bed, something you watch on television, or life problems that are not really related to the contents of your dreams.

The things that happen in your dreams (good or bad) are not related to your life in the future. Although it doesn't determine your future, dreams are really a reflection of your past and present: its existence reflects the trauma, stress, memories, and bad experiences that mix when you sleep.

When awakened by nightmares, try to immediately return your mind to things that happen in real life. Imagine things that make you happy like a family, pet, partner, or a soothing evening sun. This process is known as "guided imagery", a mental strategy that is done to calm your mind and mind.

Thanks for this my teacher @nomad-magus
Success is always for you


Remember !!!, the dream you experience is not real.

I'm familiar with this approach though think otherwise.

Btw, is your comment your own words or you took it from somewhere? Are you a psychologist? It's written professionally, that's why I'm asking.


That is my own opinion. I have experienced the same, and I have also consulted.
Thanks for this my teacher

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