Two dreams - financial distress and an elusive wedding

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Dream # 1 - Weeping cries

At the moment, my financial situation is poor and I have no sense of the way out. In the dream, I met people and cried and wept and cried more for my condition, and in addition, my husband was supposed to pick me up from somewhere and he drove with the children in the car whose door was open and forgot to take me. They just passed by me. In the end, after a few hours, they returned.

I awoke from the sad dream and did not fall asleep until morning. What does it mean? Do you see hope?

I am 34 years old and married plus 2.


Credit: Mateus Souza

My Interpretation

Unfortunately, the New Age era in which we live contains some nonsense. For years, we have been brainwashed to think positive and positive only, and to suppress negative thoughts, to overcome them, to have a happy and cheerful face, even though the heart cries out from pain and the body is weary and exhausted from endless battles.

You choose not to unload but there is a tremendous need in you to take the tension out and release the hormones that are created in the body. One of the forms of such release is through crying. A cry that liberates, easing, relaxing and reassuring after which indeed one feels tremendous relief and great discharge.

You prevent it from yourself during the waking hours because you are trying to stay positive. In the dream, the barriers of the conscious thought do not exist and the soul feels "free" to express itself without restriction. This is a natural process, a normal physical-mental mechanism that works very well for you!

You may ask - why doesn't my soul come to help me with my life and help me in my financial situation and finding a job in general?

I will give you the short answer so as not to tire you and invite you to read more of my post on the subject.

Your soul will not save you because it wants you to learn these lessons of the spirit. I will not go into an explanation of why but it is important to understand that knowing how reality works and then mastering it is much more important than having a comfortable life. So, in a sense, you created the boring work and the bank at red and the general situation - all this to force you to seek real solutions and authentic answers to the difficulties.

It begins with taking responsibility, continues with self-acceptance and ends with repeated choosing the path of realization. Then and only then you will experience a significant change!


Dream # 2 - A woman in a wedding dress encounters a scary man

I dreamed tonight that I was getting married and while I was wearing my wedding dress I remembered that I was not sure I informed my parents about the wedding.

During the dream, I ran to my parents' house and in the stairwell (which looked like the stairwell of my grandfather's house) a scary man came out of one of the apartments with a knife full of blood (the knife was made of plastic). The man was dressed in rags and sacks and covered with blood.

Then came another thin, skinny man with blood on his hands and kept me from going. He grabbed my hands and spread blood on them, and all the while I thought I might get diseases.

I was very scared of this man and he took me to his place. I slept with him (still wearing my wedding dress) frightened, thinking I had not informed my parents and what would happen to my wedding.

In the dream I did not know who I was getting married to.

I'm single, 33 years old and I do not have a partner.

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Credit: pxhere

My Interpretation

An interesting dream you dreamed. It is the details that make the difference and allow me to interpret as closely as possible matching the special circumstances of the dreamer. I want to expand and illuminate your dream from my point of view -

In this dream, the network of connections that you have with other parts of your self is manifested. Without going into the theories of consciousness and the structure of the soul, I will mention briefly that your broad identity is far beyond the woman you know, the self you see every morning in the mirror. You are, in very practical terms, composed of different, diverse, self-aware parts, each of which carries a different personality trait. Like a hand with each finger representing another self.

These selves are trying to communicate with one another, some consciously and most unconsciously, and the dream field is the place where all this takes place, in which all this can happen because the mind, the ego consciousness, is directed to the realm of physical reality only and therefore does not allow your consciousness to open to the broad identity around it. While going to sleep the ordinary self goes to bed so these communications can occur.

Therefore, in the most realistic way possible, your dream is a good dream (in your terms). It attests to the healthy growth of the personality and the blessed mental activity that you go through.

The dream bothers and frightens you because you do not have the tools to interpret it. More precisely, you use the wrong tools - by your mind, the rationale - to understand a world in which other rules operate.

It is the same mind that is at the center of your dream.


With regard to the dream -

The dream begins with surfacing an issue that disturbs your thoughts - your marital status. In the dream, you are already in a relationship (= wearing the wedding dress) but do not reach the wedding ceremony itself. Why? Because memories and thoughts stop you. These memories are the result of the activity of the mind. You are overwhelmed with feelings of guilt (and I forgot to inform my parents) and unnecessary feelings of concern for others (I ran to my parents' home).

In the stairway, which is actually a symbol of the soul's mansion, you encounter another self, another part of you that was hidden until now, that frightens you. This part (= the scary man with the knife in his hand) is part of the soul (= blood on the knife, here the blood symbolizes the consciousness of the soul). You immediately interpret the innocent and loving encounter as something threatening (= knife) but in the same breath, you calm yourself (= knife is only plastic) in order not to end the dream and wake up.

The other person, who is also another part of your broad self, is holding on to your hands, asking you to stop a bit, listen to what he has to say, allow him to communicate with you, but you are afraid. Your mind is afraid that it has diseases. You are afraid that connecting with the parts of your soul might harm you.

You refuse to accept the spirit - you! - Into your life. That is the meaning of the dream.

At some point, you decided you were giving up, probably because you lost the strength to resist. In order not to deal with the horror, you turned off your consciousness (= you went to bed). The last thing that went through your mind was thoughts of concern - "I did not tell my parents, and what about the wedding."

The dream then tries to convey to you an important and valuable message - your excellent mental ability interferes with the development and growth of your consciousness. You worry too much, think too much, and use rational tools to solve situations that are beyond logic.

The departed from this state of being stuck, the creation of a welcome change in your life will occur after a parallel internal change has happened. When you allow your soul to connect with your "normal" self-consciousness, the choices you make will receive a new, high-quality power that in turn will bring about what is now unseen.

The fact that you are here and ask for interpretation means that you have already made the big move. Whether it was imposed upon you or it's the result of conscious choice, the understanding that the spiritual world has a decisive place in the reality of our lives is a good start for you.

Good Luck!



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