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Dream # 1: "Five vicious dogs attack me"

I dreamed that I was leaving the office for a side alley with coffee and a cigarette. I see a big dog looking at me, but it looks friendly. He starts to walk in my direction and within seconds, another five dogs join him and everyone suddenly falls on me and starts to bite me. I pour the hot coffee over them, and almost everyone goes away whimpering. Only one dog remains hanging on my hand and keeps biting me.

I shout for someone to rescue me, and a girl comes out of the office (whom I do not know) and manages to divert the fire to her and I run back to the office. After a few minutes, the other girl comes in, and she says to me: "Wow, look how much blood!". I look and I see that both of us are full of blood and that even on the ceiling and the wall in the office there are sprays of blood. I tell her that I am afraid to take off my clothes because with such a blood flow my entire body must be wounded. Then I woke up ....

I don't know if there is a connection - but a few days ago I dreamed that I was lying in bed and saw that two giant tarantulas were walking next to me, and immediately after them two more, only this time it was a mating couple. The female hung on the male and they did not go one after the other like the other spiders.

I'm 35 years old.


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My Interpretation

What is your marital status? In addition - is there anyone (or some people) in your life with whom you are conflicted? Or do they bother you? If so, who are these people?

My marital and family situation is just fine, and I do not have a specific person who bothers me.

In light of your answers, the meaning of the dream, in my opinion, is spiritual growth and change (the number 5 indicates change).

I have already written about this in the past, specifically to one of the dreams, that people of your age (mid-thirties) reach the stage where they are "required" to open up to other personality parts that make up their psyche. These aspects are close to you, expressed and represented by people in your close environment, and they require attention.

While you have been able to ignore them so far in your life, you are now required to be aware of them and relate t their presence. For example, how do you perceive yourself? What kind of person are you?

If you think that you are a good, faithful, loving, compassionate, patient and tolerant person (I am only outlining a few possible traits of course), then know that there is a part of you that is immoral, hateful, hurt, racist and a misanthrope. As long as you perceive yourself in a certain way, you implicitly reject all the other parts that you judged and removed yourself from. These legitimate parts were swept under your carpet of consciousness, pushed into the dark alleys of your soul and now they go out. When you encounter them, or rather their dreamlike images, you are afraid and concerned. You feel that they are chasing you, that they want to hurt the woman you are, the feminine energy in you (represented by your colleague from the office).

On the one hand it is unpleasant to confront and stand up against the dark parts that make up us. On the other hand, you can consider yourself lucky because such self-discovery leads to important personal and spiritual growth that many people avoid for many lifetimes. There is indeed a possibility of postponing coping with these self-fragments. How? You simply choose to keep ignoring them. There is nothing wrong with this, everyone makes the choices that suit them.

My own advice is to stand boldly and firmly within your strength and answer those aspects' call.


Dream # 2: Seeing a dog from the rear window

I dreamed that I was in the back seat of an unfamiliar big white vehicle. My brothers also drove with me in the car.

In the dream I was facing the back window where a big red-brown dog appeared. Strangely, I felt the dog was really happy, and even more strange was that I and he had a normal conversation like between two people even though he ran behind the car. He said something about having him talk to me and find where I lived and come to visit.

In general, I'm afraid of dogs. I'm 19 and a half.


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My Interpretation

The dog is a symbol of another consciousness that you meet during your wandering in the dream world.

It is probably someone who will come into your life to give you some service, to help you, to love you, without judging or scolding. Just like a dog or any other domestic animal does. The dream implies that this person will be someone who will surprise you, outside the normal course of life (=symboliozed by the dog; in your regular course of life you avoid dogs). This encounter will happen while your attention will be diverted to another place and you will not expect it at all.

Forget the dream and then it will come true, by itself and without effort. The more you will think about it, the less likely it will become.

You really made me happy in this interpretation ... I hope that the dream will come true ... and maybe it means the One that I've been waiting for for a long time.

It could be, absolutely.

But as the dream says explicitly, you have to divert your attention from the issue, not to exert yourself (in your thoughts) and not to expect or think about it or about him (the One). It will happen naturally and effortlessly.

Just be aware that the dream presents you with the potential that it is possible to happen.


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