Today's dream: Croco-croco-crocodile!

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I was in a hallway. To one side, there was a little hill covered with weeds, and to the other, there was a bit of ground and then the sea. Inside the hallway, there were seats, where a group of gangsters was sitting (I don't know what's up with my dreams and gangsters!!!).

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They were talking about what they did to their enemies. Then they pointed toward a crocodile that was in the water and they said that this had been one of their fiercest enemies. They had turned him into a crocodile and domesticated him. I stared at the crocodile in disbelief. It was enormous! It was dark green and look terribly scary and ferocious.

Then, they said something about sending it to kill some people. I got scared and looked in the direction they were pointing towards. I swam there instantly, probably teleported to the water in the area. I started screaming at the top of my lungs for everyone to leave the coast, but no one was listening to me.

It was very sunny and warm. The beach was to the north. To the west, there were the gangsters and the crocodile that was coming, and to the east, there was a big breakwater. It was enormous, like a mountain covered in sand and beige and grey rocks. It was not like a normal beach but one where everyone was bigger than it was supposed to be. There were also hundreds of people in the beach, in a very ample space, as if they were populating a lake.

The beach area itself was also really big, like a whole kilometre in diameter, all populated with people from here to the coast.

I don't know if I forgot about the crocodile or if a dream came in between that scene and the new one, but the next thing I remember is sitting on the floor beside my bed, looking at a computer screen. At first, I was trying to make out the words, but then I thought "I'm in a dream. That's why nothing I try to read makes sense. You can't read coherent texts while in a dream", and I became lucid.

At once, I started to sense that the dream was becoming unstable and that I would wake up soon. Instead of just waiting, I tried clapping my hands, but little by little I started to forget what I was doing and I closed my eyes. I sensed the change in scenery. I still had my eyes closed, but I was on my bed and had woken up. 😛 So sad. I want more lucid dreams.

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Its cool

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