[Dream Report] Beach Vacation, Underwater Observatory, Zero Privacy Hotel Room

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In this one, I was on vacation (how topical!) at some kind of beach resort. There was a floating platform at the end of a jetty, made out of four docks laid out in a square, with gift shops and cabins along them. They were really keen to sell me shit while I was there.

At one corner of the dock platform, I found a vertical tunnel enclosing a spiral staircase. It lead down to submerged observation deck, which was weighed down and kept submerged by the floating platform gift shops, cabins, etc on top of it.

It began to rain. I found myself in the unique position of being able to watch raindrops hit the surface of the ocean...from underneath the surface. The owner accosted me as soon as I came back up. She was an old woman dressed in a halloween costume of a witch.

Apparently I was meant to pay before going down there. She informed me that a "brine run" would be included in the observation deck admission fee. A brine run was a scuba diving tour she'd lead me on, where we'd collect brine and I could take some of it home with me. No idea why anybody would want this.

Relaxing on the beach later, I dug a huge hot tub sized hole which filled with sea water, like a little private pool. There were shrimp and lobsters in it however that kept trying to pinch me. I set up a barrier out of netting so I could keep them out of my section of the "pool".

Later on when the sun went down, I go to the hotel and meet up with an ex girlfriend who I am apparently still dating in this dream world. She explains that her parents insisted on sleeping in the same room, so we don't get up to any hanky panky. I was disappointed, but mostly weirded out by them watching us as we tried to get some sleep.

Stay Cozy!


Meeting someone in witch costume and sleeping with your ex and her parents in the same room under water?😂😂 How weird can this get?

The last part of the dream is a bit weird lol.

You must be looking forward to your upcoming vacation based on this. That girls parents are definitely wierdos.

Wow well imagine, I was imagining how the droplets of rain would perfectly look like in a dream, I've seen my ex too in a dream, believe me I hated seeing her

Oh, it's a shame to hear that. I am on good terms with my ex girlfriends.

well maybe it's because we always end things so roughly here in my side.

Oh, it's a shame to
Hear that. I am on good terms
With my ex girlfriends.

                 - alexbeyman

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Who needs privacy on a vacation.
What a beautiful spot ?

At the last part seeing girlfriend, my mind went dirty, I thought you guys are gonna f... k, forgive me, you've been doing that closely in your stories this days.
Here, when you ditch your girlfriend, the two becomes enemies.

I really feel like I’m missing out when I read your dream report posts, cause I’m not really dreaming much myself. 😄

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wow. that looks really beautiful specially because of those sodium lights.enjoy.

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