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In the middle of the night, I woke up with my heart beating fast against my chest. Only to wake up and not remember what I must have seen in my #dream.. Weird, right? Well,I have experienced such.. In fact, I usually don't remember most of my Dreams. Really Wish I did😑

I read that, you dream about your last thoughts before you sleep.. This is definitely not always true. I'm sure not everybody thinks of awful and terrible things before they sleep,yet they have bad dreams, even Nightmares. And you don't expect to have those funny, weird and good dreams cos you thought of something good or funny before you went to bed.. I believe they just come when they want to.

We all have different views and opinions towards dreams. Some people don't bother to take it serious and some people actually do believe in dreams. Some people even believe dreams to be purely scientific and nothing to do with the soul or spirit or whatever 😁. #Life, right😏?

As for me, where I come from, my culture and religion urges me to believe in dreams. We believe certain people (mostly religious leaders) have a better understanding of dreams than others. They help us understand dreams since most dreams don't usually mean what you might think it is. And necessary actions are then carried out in regards to the dream.. If it requires prayers, rituals, or simply to be ignored.

I so want to believe dreams are just dreams and nothing more, but from personal experiences, I've seen situations where an individual had a dream about an occurrence, and it actually turned out to happen. I myself sometimes experience this de javu feeling at times. Only to remember, I probably had a dream about it before,and that's probably why it feels so familiar..feels like I've been in that situation and position before.
Guess, it's all about the subconscious being in everyone of us.

I say, If you can #dreemit, it is possible.

What do you think of dreams?
Kindly drop comments and upvote.. Thank you.

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