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GME: 1/26 status report. Shorts lost $5B today alone. Fees increasing. MM to cover on Monday 2/1. And more.
Disclaimer: I'm not giving you retards any financial advise whatsoever. I'm simply sharing my own opinion and research. You are free to make up your opinion and decide to do whatever you want with your money.

Status of GME 1/26. Why buying GME shares is a great idea.
Elon Musk has been tweeting about GME. That brings TSLA buyers in, and a huge amount of wealth. What you saw in aftermarket was a glimpse of TSLA buyers.

Wednesday will rally. Thursday will rally. Friday will be even crazier. The $115 and $200 calls are very likely to expire ITM on Friday 1/29. Maybe even the newer 320 calls. This will trigger a gamma squeeze on Monday 2/1. Similar to the gamma squeeze of Monday 1/25!

Shorts lost $5B today 1/26 alone. Shares to borrow are rapidly tanking. Fees increasing. They are on their last rope. Older shorts are about to cover. Newer shorts probably just shit their pants. Melvin lost its $2.75B investment from yesterday (retards). Rumors of Melvin considering bankruptcy ahead of the short squeeze coming up -- they are about to lose their whole fund with the cover.

Again, the gamma squeeze happening on Monday 2/1. It's absolutely happening. Basically, this will force Market Makers to buy more shares of GME in order to cover for the 115$ and 200$ calls. More shares they buy, the less shares available to short. Meaning? SHORT SQUEEZE.

Short squeeze is on the near horizon. Could be this week/Friday. Next week. Or the week after. But the shorts are on their total last leg. Today was bloody for them.

So! Those 200c 2/19 calls look very yummy right about now. 320 calls are being released tomorrow as well. Just my opinion here.