Drawitbetter Contest #15 Pokemon Fennekin😍

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Hello Everyone! 😊

This is my entry for @sirsensei's POKEMONS theme of the week.
I chose Fennekin to draw because she's so lovely looking


I only drew it in bondpaper and used watercolor for I can't afford any expensive things to draw it yet.😊 But hopefully anyone can still appreciate it. Thank you so much!


The process













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Angkyut Ate! Haha :)


Haha! Thank you, be.

Thank you for stopping by and liking my post, sir @hr1. More power and Godbless

Galing naman! nasan ba ako ng sinaboy ng Diyos ang talento sa pagdrawing? wala akong nasalo eh. hehe.

Hi. Nice work. Thank you for your entry & good luck!


Thank you Sir @sirsensei 💋

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Congratulations, it is a beautiful drawing.
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galing naman po

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its so cute and pretty! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Like me?😂

You did a very good job. I really love it. Keep it up


Thank you sooo much😙

Ang cute naman sis!


Ty, sissy.