The Little Magician and his Mud Men

in drawing •  10 months ago

Have you seen Disney's Fantasia? There is a section in there called the Magician's Apprentice :D By chance, the song was playing at my friend's place and then it got stuck in my head and it's such a cute and lovely tune :) Mickey Mouse and his army of brooms, all of them working hard to bucket water from the well to the house! Working SO hard that they flooded the house! Hahaha!

Anyway, the song was in my head all day long so I had to draw this little picture :) I haven't actually watched Fantasia for awhile, so I made it my own little Magician boy and he's making mud men out of the swamp in the cave :D I don't know what he's going to ask his mud men to do, though :) (Full picture:


I wanted the mud men to look kinda chubby and huggable, hahaha~ Drew on paper, straight with ink pen and no pencils, this time!

Sometimes, some songs can really make you draw, you know what I mean? :D Have you draw pieces based off songs? :) It can be quite fun!

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Very cute! You could draw such little stories with this style.

Straight with ink pen? Congrats! I could never even get close to drawing something with such fine lines and great shading without making a million mistakes with a pencil first.
Always a pleasure to be viewing great pen pieces ^^


Hahah yes, it was a bit scary but kinda fun too :) Thank you for kind comments <3

Wow awesome, straight with ink pen! Amazing work bro! And the mudmonsters are so cute ^^
I actually did draw pieces based off songs a lot of times back in the days. Have to do this again soon :)


Hahaha thank you! Doing pieces based off songs can be really fun :) Let me know if you draw one soon! I'd like to appreciate <3

soooooooooooooooo cute!!


aaaaaaaaa thank youuuuuuuu

This is so so cute!!! I love the detail that you put into the rocks, the mudman and the mud! Keep it up, I love your drawings!


Thank you so much :) You are very kind <3


How could I not praise this? It got me writing as soon as I saw it!


:O pls link me if you upload your writing! would love to read it <3


No gjfkdls I meant writing my reply complimenting this drawing but I guess that it's not that farfetched to write something about one of your drawings!

I listen to sad songs when I want to paint.
I can draw good inspiration.^ω^


Sad songs are sometimes VERY beautiful, yes <3

Please draw more, Kiyora-chan <3

This is adorable and I really like the mud men. Great lines! And I am a new follower now too! :)


Oh thank you so much <3 You are very kind! And, likewise :D

I am ancient, I was a child when fantasia first came out. I remember the apprentice and his brooms but the two portions that stuck with me most were the demon mountain and the dancing hippos and crocodiles...


oh yes, the dancing hippos and crocodiles are so funny :D

i just saw fantasia last year, hahaha.... im late to the party....

Hahaha! Is cool spedy! Nice draw! Is very funny! I like it


thank you!

Haha so cute XD I remember that segment of Fantasia. My favourite was the Pastoral symphony though (mostly because it's one of my favourite tracks). Guess your magician boy got bored playing on his own and decided to make some friends XD



Ah yes, the Pastoral section is very pretty :)

Wouldnt it be nice to be able to create your own friends, wow! Such an idea you have! :D

I like your drawing, it's very nice to draw without a pencil! upvotes

That's so funny. Nice drawing!


Thanks very much <3

I definitely like your art style after seeing a series of original drawings you've made. Keep up the good work. You also earned my follow. Hoping to learn from you and get better at my craft.

This is super adorable! ahhh, I love all these lines and cross hatches <3

I love this picture!!!👍🏻👍🏻

wow really cool that you didn't do pencil before, just straight to ink!.... and this kind of drawing has great potential for comics :D! you should give it a try :P

@veryspider, this is lovely! The cutest thing I've seen today!

This is perfect! Perfectly cute, happy, mysterious and it has this quaint vibe to it... Instant love. I'm following you for MOAR, please :P I especially like the different textures you obtained with pen. The composition is great too...

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This is so cool.
This artwork style could be a hit in any mobile game out there... looks amazing for one of those "Idle" or "Incremental" titles!
You should try making an app :P

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For me songs and music make me write lyrics.