Tamar of Georgia

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Tamar of Georgia

I have a thing for traditional dresses, and a long time agooooo nowwww, I drew a lady wearing the qipao dress, and that led to my Sardegna piccar, and then on that Sardegna piccar, I had a convo with @melooo182 who recommended me to draw Tamar of Georgia....

I was like OH !!! I love suggestions !!! So I clicked and I'm like, wowow this is super inspiring~ So of course, i ..... didn't do anything about it..... XD;

But now ! I found my favourite pencil !!! OMG~ my beautiful long lost pencil ; __ ; So I was like, what to draw what to draw! Then I was like oh ! That TAMAR OF GEORGIA!

So, here she is XD

This piccar took forever and a half ; __ ; All that detailing and pencil shading almost killed me, I'm telling youuuu~

As for the lady herself! Some history for y'all :D

Tamar the Great (Georgian: თამარი) (c. 1160 – 18 January 1213) reigned as the Queen of Georgia from 1184 to 1213, presiding over the apex of the Georgian Golden Age. A member of the Bagrationi dynasty, her position as the first woman to rule Georgia in her own right was emphasized by the title mepe ("king"), afforded to Tamar in the medieval Georgian sources.

She sounds like an influential lady, doesnt she :>

Step by Step

Step 1: Eyes

Step 2: Head and crown

Step 3: Torso

Step 4: Body

Step 5: Detailing - I drew all that pearls one by one ; __ ;

Step 6: Shading - I almost died by now ; __ ;

Step 7: Outline and throne and background thingy and DONE

Thank you @melooo182 for sharing with me this fascinating woman that I didn't have any idea of * ___ * I also love her outfits * ___ *

Again, if any of you have any suggestions for me to draw, let me know :> I love traditional dresses from various places of the world :D

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You have no idea how much I love this. I haven't been on Steemit these days and it's one of the first things I see on my newsfeed. I live the detail and the easthetics. You chose really interesting and unexplored areas in history that I haven't seen so much on drawings.


Diana ! I miss you~ I hope you have been well, outside of Steemit? Your posts always brighten my days, so I hope you will return soon with your beautiful drawings <3

Thank you so much for such lovely comments, I didn't know about this historical person myself until @melooo182 prompted me to look into her :> I really am grateful for the learnings I have come across as I meet new people :>


Really miss you and your posts <3 But, hope everything is well and you're busy doing arts in real and hope that soon you'll bring back some of your pretty drawings back on Steemit <3


Yeah, you never know what will come next when you meet people from all around the world. But that's how I go really interested in the Russian culture and Language, once I started reading bout romantism there. I'll be uploading again. I was actually working on something for a contest and I was afraid that I will not have enought time...At least better to be 6 days early than late. I'll post everything from this week these days. ^^ I have also missed the you and the community here...


Yes, people are like doors, in a way :> You never know where they will open your paths to ! :D

Im glad to hear you will be uploading again <3 I have a few tips to share with you for when you have time to read up? Things that have worked for me :> They may be able to work for your posts also, to get you better payouts <3 <3 <3

Very nice! Yea with things like this that have a ton of detail, I just put on some relaxing music and try to zone out. Let it be sort of like meditation :)


that's true... it's pretty zen when you just work detailing areas :D

Wonderful drawing!!


thank you <3 you are so talented omg thank youuuuuu

What an impressive woman! And drawing :D.

I nom on all those details, I think your effort to render them paid off handsomely! Maybe you can add up a few closeups to show off the work you've done? ^_^

Very nice, spider.



wuh i just noticed now that the final photo is a bit ......not sharp. .... i'll ink this and then can show the details even furtherer, i think

thank you for the suggestion scrawler <3



thank you :D !!

Great! The dress is awesome, and I love how the fabric falls on her body. Good job!


thank you thank you~

her dress is so beautiful @-@
and with a lot of details, you made a very good work there xD
btw, when i see that background i know as well it is from you xD


thanks, danya <3 i really started to dislike doing the jewels at some stage ! XD

this is good work, but take it to the next level: you ought to use a variety of pencils, from H to B grades for more contrasts, from silvery lines to deep black. For fine details, a mechanical pencil with a thin lead.


awaaaaaaah i have to get more pencils !!!!

thanks otto!


haha, funny - I have so many pencils that, should I have no power in the winter, if I burned them in the fireplace, I could keep warm for a week or so!
Never do i leave an art supply store without buying a bundle of pencils!


omg that is amazing :O

i just kind of ... forgot to art for a looooooooooooong time, and now just got back and i have no art supplies :O

I will have to get some pencils, for sure :O

Stunning detail of the traditional costume !! I love it! )


thank you :> traditional costumes traditionally have loads of details XD



thank you, arsenic :D how goes comic connnnn


It's closing in fast :/


wish u the best of lucccck

bring back delicious posts

beautiful drawing ! , <3


thanks so much <3 very kind of you~

This is stunning.


Thank you, Juandre <3

OMG you drew it 💙💙💙
I love it!!! 👏👏👏 🎨
Oh sure I will recommend more past ages awesome ladies 🌹
Hugs!! and upvote/resteem!!!🎉


Yayayaya I DID! Sorry i took a while XD;;;;

Thanks for the rec, melo <3

Damn this is pretty! The Asian one especially :D Kudos on all the patience to draw all of these incredible details!


thank you kristy :D the qipao is quite a popular dress even today so im glad to highlight some of these traditional dresses from all around the world's cultures :>

Love the details! ;)


Thank you :D :D :D

That's beautiful, I love the details!


thank youuuuuu.... they took forever ; __ ;


But it was worth it :D