Images from an imaginary land, of imaginary beasts, people, happenings and battles.

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Unknown Juvenile Artist circa 1899
Scrapbook of scenes from the lands of Browlia and Frowlia, ca. 1899

Drawings of various complexity, presumably by a boy and for him by an adult, which depict figures and activities of fictitious nations on sheets of a ledger volume, circa 1899-1900. Drawings consist primarily of military figures, inhabitants, indigenous animals, and naval ships of Browlia, Frowlia, and Souv, in addition to a map of the nation of Browlia, a Browlian postage stamp, and flags for the nations Browlia and Ounyhonte. Several of the drawings are on sheets, which are then mounted on leaves of the ledger volume. Other items include two photographic prints that depict the boy, poetry and songs in English and Browlian, a clipping of lines from a Welsh religious publication that may have inspired the Browlian language, and eighteen collages created from magazine halftone images. The creator provides English and Browlian commentary about drawings and items with pencil inscriptions as well as typescript created with a dollar typewriter.

Inside board

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Muster and History of Browlia. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

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