My 3rd Pencil Sketch - Inspired by A Little Girl

in drawing •  2 years ago 

Today I finished my 3rd Pencil sketch only for steemit. My last pencil sketch was inspired by Sir Jim Corbett but for today drawing a little girl inspired me.

Yesterday I found a very cute little girl was eating Ice cream from a Ice cream parlor. The moment was so cute which is inspired me to draw her image.

I'm not a professional artist and I can do as much as possible to present you the image of that cute moment. I hope you all like it.

Pencil Sketch3.jpg

I make this image more darker so the expression of the girl will capture easily. I only change the Ice cream type to fit with my image perfectly. All other outline and dress i make as close as possible to that girl.

I hope all are enjoy it.

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Nice pictire.... You

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very talented


Nicely done my friend.

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Beautiful draw :D Good work!! Followed

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It looks very lively! Great work!

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Lovely work :) Steem on :)

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Very nice! Upvoted!

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