My horrific first attempt at drawing a more realistic face 🔹 Mein hässlicher erster Versuch, ein realistischeres Gesicht zu zeichnen

in #drawinglast year


Drawn with fingers in the notes application on my phone.
Almost deleted it, but then published it because I realized its meme potential.

Mit Fingern in der Notiz-Anwendung auf meinem Telefon gezeichnet.
Hätte es fast gelöscht, aber am Ende wegen des Meme-Potentials veröffentlicht.


It's actually not as bad as you think...I like it

Thanks very much! Of all things, I never thought someone would think that about this image.

I'm not sure who wrote this quote, but: ,,The fun thing about life is that you never know what happens next."

I'm a bit art inclined so no matter what, I appreciate art because I know how much work goes into it

This time, it was actually not much effort. At least it felt like it to me.
Maybe I didn't notice some of the effort or it was only subconcious.
But I still appreciate the thanks.

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