It started with an itch

in drawing •  6 months ago

It started with an itch...

Old artwork from 2008 made with colored pencils and ballpoint called "It started with an itch..." .

I'm dealing with a lot of shit lately in private life so I haven't got much time and energy to keep my blog active. You probably noticed in my latest artworks were I try to express myself into art.

But I have a new pencil artwork almost ready and hope to post in a few days. I try to come back and post more as I need some positivity from this awesome community. So to stay positive I posted this funny and colorful artwork :)

Wish you all the best!

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I love our community here, it is really good to help balance out the bad stuff.

I have a few horrible dentist visits coming up (root canal tomorrow so stressed) and it really does help to pop on here and just take your mind off things.

I hope your life stuff works out and we'll all be here when you come back, no worries.

This drawing is amazing. I love your gloopy drippy chracters, they have such personality and life. You can find so many little stories in there.


Yes it truly is. :)

That's terrible and I can imagine how stressful that will be. I hope you can reduce stress and the procedure will go smoothly.

Will take a long time but it will..That's very kind :)

Thank you I liked the title not sure how I came up with that lol. It's really rare to see colored pencil drawings from me but I made some long time ago and will show some more :)

Very cute monsters... but they seem to have a very hard life. They're all invading each other's personal spaces! 😂😂😂


Thank you @trincowski! Hahaha that reminds me of a documentary I saw about coral fighting each other for space

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Thank you so much for your support again! :)

I am sorry to hear that not everything is good for you right now. I hope it will change soon. I adore your cute monsters. I like the color combination of these ones. Looking forward to seeing more and fingers crossed for you!


Thank you so much for your kindness! Really appreciate that :)

Aaah, so wonderful ! It really looks like something that spread and expand and evolve, starting from merely an itch :D Hahaha! I love all the different faces and emotions, Sander <3


Hahaha yes look out for itches before it's too late :D Thank you @veryspider!

I like this coloured drawing, it looks different than your usual black and white or even coloured arts because the colours here are so soft and gentle. I guess the painting is actually describing a bad thing happening, but these creatures are so cute looking lol.
Keep fighting hard, Sander. I hope things will get better for you soon :).


Thank you @scrawly! Yes the pencil colors result a bit softer just like when I work with watercolors or pastel.

Hahaha yes it could be a disease but maybe the disease itself has fun evolving and taking over :D

Thank you for your kindness! :)