Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ♥

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Heyyya! What's up? Ever since I've found out how great the 'Hard Round Pressure Opacity' brush is, I've been trying to use it whenever I can. I gotta say, I missed a lot when I used to scroll past that brush. Now, I feel like trying all of the default brushes :>

This piece was inspired from the opening of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, 'Again' by Yui. One of my favorite openings, to be honest!


Winry Rockbell

Winry is one of the supporting characters in the anime, Fullmetal Alchemist. She looked over the risk taking protagonists of the story, Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, whom she treated like family. From the attitude she's showing, you won't even think that she has any problems to worry about. All happy and fluffy until her backstory is told. Just like everyone else, she had a burden to carry. However, living with her warm granny and two perky childhood friends, she was able to put everything behind her and live her life fully by devoting it to automails :>

Aaaand, that's the best description I can give about her without spoiling it for everyone (I'm sorry) but I assure you that it's a great anime. Worth watching, at least, if you don't find it as great as I do.

Oooh, in case some of you is interested, I have another favorite song from the FMA, Let it all out by Miho Fukuhara. I don't always like English version of Japanese songs, but maaan, I liked this version a lot ♥ It was translated to English and sung by Adriana Figueroa. You can find her on Youtube, she does a lot of English versions of songs :>

It also suits my drawing pretty well!

Let it all out, let it all out
You don't have to think your heart is made of steel.

Being strong and keeping it all in is completely different, in my opinion. Since it is easier to run away from your own emotions, facing them head on is, in a way, also being strong :>

As seasons change and rearrange
And the time of sands descend
As all your hope starts vanising
You'll always have a friend

I really like how this one was worded :> Yes, there'd be times where it all seems bad but you don't have to go through all of it alone~ You will always have that someone to rely on.

Seee, it's a really great song! But enough with thaaaat, I got a little carried away :> Ooon to the drawing!

Step by step!



Since I changed a lot of things, I don't think it's necessary to put the sketch :> I started with the base color of the face and shaded a few parts that are touched by the shadows.


When I did the nose, a friend mentioned that it looked a bit off. So, I did some, rather, a lot of adjustments with the nose using various tools.


I really find new eyes for my work helpful. As you can see, the nose improved a lot! Thank you, critic friend!


The one I drew in the sketch was actually smirking but I found it more appropriate to wipe of the smile on her face :> Just a bit relaxed, but at the same time sad.


Since the nose had a little shine on the tip, a decided to have some shine on the lips too.



Whenever I'm confused about the proportion of the body, like where collar bones start/end, I feel my own collar bones to have an estimate where they are located :>


Next up are the arms! Since they look almost identical anyway, I copy pasted the right arm and flipped it to make the left arm. Then, I adjusted it using liquid tool and a few fix on the colors.


Then, I added some shadows. Since her arms were on top or resting on her head, I made the shadows less spread, creating a blurry line between the dark and light areas.



Before the hair, the face and body looked reaally weird, no? She looked like some alien with arms as ears. But now with all the puzzle pieces fit together, she looks like a human being! Yay!

Filters and Adjustments


The color looked a little pale, soo with a few adjustments using the curve tool, the drawing looked a little more alive.


But thenn, I thought that it wasn't dark enough. When I made it look a little more alive, it also looked a little lively, which is not the look I was going after. And sooo, I added more dark shades.


To give more emphasis on the difference of distance from the 'camera', I blurred out the sides and only kept the face clear. It also lets the face be the focus rather than the other details of the drawing.


Lastly, I added a new layer and played with its blending mode. Aaaand signed the bottom part and done! ♥

That's about it!


Please check out the game we are working on!

Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well!
Feel free to comment any tips or suggestions. It will be greatly appreciated! If you liked the content, please leave an upvote. For more, please follow @kothy.

All images were drawn and edited by @kothy


galeng galeng :D clap clap clap

Thank you, thank you! bows


ayy gagawin ko nga pala si alphonse nakalimutan ko HAHA

This is really very real and nice

Thank you @alhidayat! I'm glad you find it nice :>

Ooohh I love Winry!
She reminds me of Roll from Megaman.
FMA is pretty cool!

FMA is cool! :D

You finished it kothy! Good job! The pose that you drew makes the character so mysterious looking, I quite like it.


Thank you, @scrawly! I got the pose from the opening song of FMA:B :> I liked it too, so I put a ring on it I decided to draw her in that pose!

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