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!Hey! ¿How these art Steemians are today?

¡He's back @animery! With an incredible drawing and a chilling story, I will introduce the step by step of the drawing shortly, guys,
because I do not find myself at home I could only get a few materials with which I could work:

  • (4) Markers
  • (1) Ballpoint pen and
  • Eye shadow

Yes, this last is not usual but I could work well with this.



In 2011 was inaugurated the new urbanization of name "Lostday" where you could see the infinite solitude just be standing on the sidewalk, the houses were good size, gardens to the street, wooden doors, windows in each room and all houses with * basement *, the inhabitants were few and very quiet, everyone could say they had good neighbors, but there was someone in particular who was not considered a "Good neighbor", this person named Robberth, a Fat Man, pale, hairy arms and very small hands, was engaged in conducting plastic clandestine, among other types of illegal operations in his own basement and how he liked to photograph his sinister works... But one day, a bad-looking customer came, said he had just escaped from the madhouse, a crazy man who was totally convinced that he needed an operation on one of his ribs, Robberth with a smile from shoulder to shoulder made him pass with the dreaded intention of experimenting with him and without delay began immediately with such an operation, but , when he prepared to proceed with the first incision, the light went off and there was a tremor in the earth causing everything to fall to the ground and by the time it calmed down, when the light Robberth had stabbed his patient's heart, his whole body cut and torn due to the tremor and the light , Robberth had murdered his patient. Seeing this he dropped his camera by the terror of that dismemberment and shot a last photo. "The one I drew today".

Put your eye on the steps:

Well clearly I started with the sketch, devising the character whose broken mind will dissipate in the aura of the drawing.




The mouth and eyes I made it by doing the same gesture in front of the mirror as a guide to equalize the expression of astonishment.




Here starting to delineate darker eyelashes with black pen and lips with red marker.


We remark the expression lines to highlight them.


It remarks of several colors the hair with markers and draws a few considerable pinches of blood sautéed by the face.


We remark with red marker the gloves that, (fictitiously) are clearly bloodied.




It proceeds to complement the effects of drawing with the shadow under the eyelids, on the edges and on the skin.










And finally we end the character, what do you think the result?


I hope you really liked this drawing next to his footsteps, a pleasure to draw, farewell @animery

Original drawing and steps made by Mariangel Veroes.

This work is under a Creative Commons

Attribution- ShareAlike

4.0 International License.




muy buen arte te felicito sigue adelante

muchas gracias!!

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