I challenge you @fulltimegeek to come on air and have an adult discussion

in drama •  3 months ago 


You are free to continue to spam 52,000 times in the last three days with your @animalcontrol and @exterminator accounts.

Why don't we get together on Discord, and discuss this like adults?
I'm sure PAL can find a time slot for us.

I'm willing if you are.

I'll be waiting...

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Happy to facilitate


Doesn't look like it is happening, seems he just wants to spam and upvote it.

I would make time to listen to that show.
Keep us posted.
If it happens I'll be there.

SaneSteem perhaps?

Apps don’t even load your comments section anymore lol... Just tossing one in for good measure though.

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Is this actually going to happen?

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I'm trying not to hold my breath.

At this point, he has become the largest spammer and abuser on the platform.