And the winner is.... Contest results.

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Hey Everyone, dRAMA here, Yesterday, I asked you all to remind me of some of your favorite past dramas on Steem.

Many chimed in with really good, belly-aching, historical dramas.

Aggrandizement, Forkgate, where someone dropped an old pull request and scared that nice man with great hair...
Bellyrub, dMania and more classic Steem Dramas were mentioned.

But the winner is....


He said... and I quote:

"I have two favourite dramas actually.

The first one is, when STINC was about to power down their stake and people went mad about it and even considered forking STINC out.

My second one and the one I like even more is the drama that happened about dMania. Not sure, when it happened, but maybe a year or so ago. The reason I like it is because I was personally involved in it. At some point my name was even on the trending page lol. Some people accused me of being @zombee (the founder of dMania).
This drama was hilarious for me because I was just a normal dMania user, but people accused me of being involved in the website, the whole project etc.

I'll edit this comment and paste a link if I can find the post I talked about.

Found it:"

He even provided a link, so we can walk down memory lane!

Congratulations!! I will be sending you 10 DRAMA!

Also we would like to thank @drugwars for changing EVERYTHING all of the time to annoy both Investors and Players! You have really helped us in getting started! Nice Drama...

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Have a dramatic day!


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Does this mean we're at the limit for today or did I do something wrong?

A hillarious response to the bot

This was the post I commented and tried


supply & demand of DRAMA ;-)


It is actually based on my voting power to help limit the supply. You can always check my voting power to see. Or just try again after a few minutes.

I am programmed to give out up to 40 a day, so we used voting power as a way to keep it within reasonable limits!

Simple answer.. No the whole day hasn't been used yet, there was likely just a bit of a rush on DRAMA.

How did I miss this competition, why was I not told? This is a damn tragedy. Shame on you @dramatoken I thought you were one of the good guys. Turns out the team behind Bitconnect and Drug Wars were also behind Drama the whole time.


You better follow closely and keep your eyes peeled.

Awesome, thank you! Gonna use them a lot :)


That's great! Enjoy and issue them!

I am waiting for the next contest to participate if it's easy ...😁
Congrats to the winner @okean123, have fun.


I will :). Good luck to you, if there will be any more contests!


I will beat you ...😂😋

Illuminati confirmed!!!


It's not!!!!
What the hell is this token that can't take one second to click on their own link? I'm going to create my own token called TheOfficialdRama and with my superior link-clicking abilities take you down. Just you wait and see... you haven't heard the last of thisssssssssssssssssss.


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Some day...I'll be drama rich. Not today.

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