Why I love Dragonquest. And that Ms 9 loves it too.

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DragonQuest is my favourite game. Ever.

It's actually one of my favourite things to do.

DragonQuest is an old school role-playing game where all you need to play are the rules, paper, pencil, 2x10-sided dice and a great imagination.

I get lost in this game.

In its alternate reality.

The game feeds the imagination. It frees the imagination. It literally takes the players into a different world, where mobile phones are replies by magic and monsters.

Through all this, over time, you character grows. But you know what?

S/he learns new skills, and masters weapons and magic spells. S/he grows as you grow.


The game is run by a referee, or GamesMaster, who writes the adventure and steers the character(s) through it. The players adopt the traits and personality of their characters for the duration of the adventure. An adventure is a mixture of set (i.e. pre-written) encounters, and random events as determined by the rules. After an adventure the GamesMaster awards characters Experience Points (much like rewards on our much loved steemit). Characters are awarded points based upon the character's successes in the adventure, but even more so on how convincingly the player becomes the character for the purposes of the adventure: foibles, heroic tendencies and all. And that is up to the player and at the very least requires consistency. In between their adventures, players can spend their experience points to enhance their combat skills, or further develop their magical prowess, or develop a skill (a ranger, for example, who is able to track adventurers and monsters through difficult terrains, or a thief, who can keep out of sight and acquire objects and treasure without un-nessessary bloodshed).

I love it. I used to play with my brothers back in the day. Now Ms 9 loves it too - and we've just arranged to all play it together when Ms 9 and I go down to Sydney in the school holidays in a few weeks.

Just like old times, but made new.

May all beings be happy.

Photos of SPI's DragonQuest second edition by @drwom. Today, and to the best of my knowledge, SPI materials, including DragonQuest are owned by Wizards of the Coast but they don't seem to give a rat's arse.



@drwom footer by the awesome @ryivhnn !!


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