RE: [CLOSED] Giving away 10 SBI shares to newcomers to SBI

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[CLOSED] Giving away 10 SBI shares to newcomers to SBI

in dpoll •  4 months ago 

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  • I'm in!

Awesome! Here's an a question I just posted on dpoll myself asking other people what they want to see more of on steem dapp:

I love reaching out and gathering information from people on here. I think this semi research is very important in steering conversation and more!


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Hello :) The SBI share has been sent. The post has also been entered into the BONUS raffle of 3 SBI!

If you know anyone that does not have SBI shares definitely mention them here :) If they are fast enough they will probably get a share :)

thanks friend! i don't know anyone else on here yet, so no recommendations from me. thnx for the generosity though!