Who makes the difference on Steem? @Jaynie, of course!

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Much has been said over the last day or so, about bullies, spam bots and trolls on Steemit. I have no truck with people who are just plain mean and who forget that the targets of their meanness are also warm-blooded human beings with feelings.

There are, however, gems on Steemit and I’m proud to be associated with many of them. One such is @jaynie who is not only responsible for my being on this platform, but also the brain and driving force behind the #PowerHouseCreatives formerly known as @steemitbloggers.

She is a hard but benevolant and fair task mistress who boots us around when we lapse into apathy.

There is a poll asking this question

Who makes the difference on Steem?
There are whales and witnesses on that list. I can have only one vote. And yes, it’s a no brainer, and you guessed it, it was my longtime pal, Jayne.

And wait, as they say, in those awful ads, there’s more:

Space for a comment. Here’s mine. Each word sincere:

For the length of time she has been on Steemit, no-one has made a more profound difference to the Steemit debuts of more redfish and plankton. I wouldn't be hanging around on platform if it weren't for her efforts. I am sure many share my sentiments.

THANK YOU @jaynie for everything you do #powerhousecreatives @steemitbloggers

So go and vote.

Have your say.

This is one vote of mine that is NOT secret.


There it is - until next time


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The whole of Steemit seems to have gone downhill over the last eight or more months or certainly since the price of Bitcoin bombed. I did a post (Yesterday) about how Steemit has become awash with competitions in a desperate attempt to part you with your meagre steem dollars.

What someone says is far more important than how they say it!
Don't forget, you can upvote comments as well as posts!

I will pop over and take a look. Not being competitive, and with our currency's non-existant strength against the USD, that doesn't hook me. I'm here for the long haul. I do want to monetise what I do, but I am glad to have found some of the communities I have, here. I do not like some of what happens on the platform, but it's not unique to Steemit which is a microcosm of the real world.

I had no idea that this poll was even taking place until last night and was very overwhelmed to see my name alongside some seriously big guns on this platform, so this is really special to me and the fact that you took the time to write a post about it @fionasfavourites, is even more special!!! MWAH!


Well, it was my pleasure. I am so glad that you are getting the recognition for the all the effort you put in. There are, for me, two things here: you're not a tech. While Steemit rests on the tech, it's the people who make it work and the techs need folk like you (and me and the PHC) to make it work. And, as @brittandjosie pointed out, you're the ONLY WOMAN on that list. Eish!

Found it! Ok i will go to the PC pretty soon. Just went back to the room a sec ago 😅

You rock .. both of you. @jaynie and @fionasfavourites
Let's raise each other up. There is enough of the other already in Steemit.


Oh totally, @rebeccabe and that's why I jumped on the bandwagon. So over that negative stuff. Such a waste of energy.

Oh, and thank you for your kind words! lol

There are lots of great people here, but the bid bot abuse means new users may not see what they do. I really think the trending page should be scrapped.


Agreed. There are a few others who agree with this. Hope it happens.

That's a lovely tribute to @jaynie, and yes she does make a big difference in a lot of people's lives... I remember well what a bright spark she was when I first happened upon one of her posts shortly after she joined Steemit!


That she does. Seems like she's found her niche!


LOVE YOU LONG TIME @denmarkguy xxx :)


Is bewtiful... I love happy ending! ;-)

I love all the love going on today!! 😍 Thank you ladies for sharing so we could all go jump on and vote on this poll! So proud to see @jaynie on the list as she totally deserves to be there! I couldn't think of a better representation of the #powerhousecreatives!


Oh, I am so with you @plantstoplanks! And let's also get some positive stuff going after all the ick of the last couple of days.


I'm down to spread some 🌈🌈🌈 all around. 🤩


Love you all so so sooooo much..... oh look! more love! hahaha

thanks giphy



Thanks for referring the poll
Cheers 😊

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You are welcome!

Your the best, this is what I meant this morning 😉💪


Love you sweetie!!! So wonderful having you on our team, you are a true GEM!


Let make it a GEMISFERE here.....

How awesome that you know @jaynie in-person! You are delightful and beautiful ladies, both of you! 💙


Bless you @thekittygirl, and yes we do know each other. Don't get to see each other that often since I moved away from Cape Town

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@jaynie most certainly does make a difference on Steemit!
I'm amazed at her energy and dedication and so happy to be a part of her @steemitbloggers A.K.A. #powerhousecreatives community - Oh! so supportive!


Glad to have you on board!

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