Prose, prayer and prey

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I wrote last week, about how my Steemit life has been enriched by becoming part of the #PowerHouseCreatives - recently rebranded from @steemitbloggers. I wrote about how it was their support that helped this flapping, floundering thing began to find her fins and swim.

You can read about it here

This community did a couple, probably more, things for me, the most important of which are

~ Encouraged me to post and engage with other people’s posts, so
~ I also wrote and shared more, and my writing and photography (read "happy snap") skills improved
~ I met likeminded people who share the values I do

These include

We do things right

That doesn’t mean that we always play by the rules - rules are meant to be bent, after all. What it does mean, is that we are honest and open about what we do, including begging for votes - and yes we do that, as you will see. Unashamedly.

We do things the hard way, doing something that is all too often forgotten in the virtual world and on this blockchain: we know that there are warm-blooded human beings behind the noms de plume. For all we know, someone who styles him- or herself, "TheBigHardRock" may be none of those, and behind that is a person struggling with life’s demons just as we all do. If you don’t know it: words can cut to the quick. More of that another time.

We care for each other

This is not about schmaltz and Hallmark card platitudes.

In our community in the last while there have been joyous arrivals, deaths of parents, siblings and friends, sick children, hard times and deep depression because life sometimes just gets hard. In the #PowerHouseCreatives Discord, people really do care if you’re not well or if the geyser has burst and you’ve got no water in the house or you are hurt and grieving. They get that you can’t function before your morning cup of tea or coffee - even though you try. The little big things. And the big little things.

We try to be grown up

This means that we agree to differ and do so in a respectful way.

What does that mean? By all means, take issue with the view, say why, but don't get personal. We can't all agree with each other, all the time. Personal attacks are unnecessary and can be cruel.

We don't always succeed in adulthood - there are some stouter kabouters (naughty gnomes) among us - it's all in good fun and helps to lighten things up. Along with a glug of good wine!

We do not prey on others’ misfortunes or vulnerabilities

In last vote that @theycallmedan ran (oh my, that’s such bad rhyme that @steemitbloggers Poet Laureate, @quillfire, will get on the line), we came a close second.

In the end @votovzla won the vote and defeat was graciously conceded here. It’s not just the post that is significant, it’s the comments that follow from the Power House Creatives’ community (of less than 100 people from 24-odd and (some not-so-odd) countries), that still bring tears to my eyes.

More grace in defeat you will not find.

It was a noble battle. Most of us agreed that a community from a country facing enormous economic and social challenges, were the deserving winners.

The aftermath becomes a build-up

In the wake of that campaign, the founder of the Power House Creatives @jaynie and her trusty lieutenant, @zord189 reached out to communities, some of which already shared members with our group. Reciprocal arrangements were agree upon, based on common values and interest. Now many of those communities have channls in our Discord group and we are encouraged to support members’ posts as we do our own.


This time round, Dan is again asking Steemit to vote - this time for a 20k delegation. Ahead of that, there was some time to campaign. Our leaders reached out to other communities on the blockchain. This brings me to the fourth value which really underpins much of what I have already said:

Reciprocation and collegiality (aka friendship)

I have already alluded to the friendships that exist within the community, but Jaynie wants to extend that beyond our closed doors. She has been around the block a few times (although her youthful looks belie that), and two things she knows: there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so don’t expect one. Continuing with the bad, but apt cliches, she does know that one hand can wash the other, and it’s only polite to reciprocate one good back-scratch with another. When necessary. So, it was on that basis that she and Zord reached out: let’s see how we can work together:

In the interests of Steemit, community and the blockchain

Happily some collaborations are emerging and many Steemians who are not members of our community have voted for @steemitbloggers. Like @savagekathryn, @dandays and @zephalexia, to name just three with whom I’ve had some engagement, and to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. You should go and check out their posts and their work on Steemit - all worthy, aspirant members of our community.


Isn't there always?

We are hearing and seeing evidence of vote-rigging. Of sorts. Or is it bribery? I’m not sure. Either way, in my head, it borders on the unethical.

It simply isn’t right, especially if it’s the redfish, minnows and plankton of the blockchain on whom are being preyed.

A small thing from our garden that prays and preys.

I am not alone in this view. It is shared by other members of my Power House family, and you can read their posts here and here.

And if you’re fond of poetry, and have a competitive streak, go and check this out.

I stick to placid, plonky old prose.

Please do go and vote for our community, and let us know about it - we enjoy making new friends

please help by voting
use this link
log into steemconnect
pick @steemitbloggers

There it is - until next time
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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A beautiful and heartfelt summary @fionasfavourites!

There's definitely a right way to do things, and I stand by that.

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Thank you @checky - sorted

Too many feels about this for words, so...



Oh he is sooo cute! I couldn't see this on my phone last night so had to come and check it out on my PC.... <3


As always, your prose are a delight to read.

And, you're a classy girl.



You are too kind, sir. Especially when you so elequently elaborate on the difference between a date which is essential to the furtherance of human kind, while whoring is not.



Nice to know someone actually reads it. :-)



@foinasfavourites. I do appreciate the mention, I’m friends with of you #steemitbloggers, ya’all do more campaigning than any initiative I’ve ever seen on here—impressive! Bravo @theycallmedan for leading by example!

That said, I don’t know where you got that information from. If I could vote twice, ya’all would get the second one without a doubt! But #qurator has been there for me since I could type, I can’t turn my back on them now. 😉

Good luck @steemitbloggers #powerhousecreatives


No worries. Will post a link here for you in the morning about how to join. If I may be so bold as to ask those who have not voted (and I get and respect loyalty), to vote for us? Would be much appreciated 🌻

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@dandays - as promised, the link you want
If it doesn't work, it may be because Jayne will do a new one after the poll. Whatever happens, there's a posse after your hide to join the #powerhousecreatives lol

I love how you always put such a heartfelt, elegant and eloquent touch on everything you write! Thank you!!! MWAH!!!


Any time... xxx

Well said, @fionasfavourites!! ❤️


Thank you!

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So happy you have found your fins and are swimming!
I'm happy to be swimming along with you with the support of #powerhousecreatives!


Me too! Thanks for stopping by, @porters as well as for the resteem and support for @steemitbloggers #PowerHouseCreatives

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