Dpoll Post: Best Poll For Friday 19-04-2019-040

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Dpoll Post: Best Poll For Friday 19-04-2019-040

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Winner Announcement

  • @gadrian ended as winner of the best poll for Thursday April 11th. Congratulations 🎉 prize has been awarded!

  • The winner of the prize of best poll for Friday April 12th as the poll is still open to votes.

At the moment, @rem-steem with 4votes as compared to 2votes and 1vote for @xplosive and @bobskibob

Check the poll here


Selections for best poll of Friday 19th

24 polls were created at dpoll on Friday 19th and this number happens to be 6 more than the 18 polls created on Thursday 18th

Below are the selected polls for best poll of Friday 19/04/2019 (in order of when they were created);

  1. What do you think about death? Is it necessary? Asked by @erica005
    Link to poll

  2. Why is dpoll more popular than musing? Asked by @niel96
    Link to Poll

  3. What do you think about giving bribes/bounty/votes for making certain choices on dpoll.xyz? Asked by @d-zero
    Link to Poll

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Who should the winner be?

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@akomoajong 20/04/2019

Answer the question at dpoll.xyz.

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