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RE: dPet support the Australian Animals Fire Rescue Event!

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Saludos queridos amigos de @dpet un gusto saber que son pioneros en el tema de los animales y las mascotas dentro de nuestra plataforma! Con gusto compartiré gran cantidad de información sobre cuidado y curiosidades sobre mascotas domesticas y mascotas exóticas!

Aquí está la publicación traducida al castellano de este publicación! Saludos!


Greetings dear friends of @dpet a pleasure to know that you are pioneers in the subject of animals and pets within our platform! I will gladly share a lot of information about care and curiosities about domestic and exotic pets!

Here is the spanish translation of this publication! Greetings!


¡dPet apoya el evento de rescate de incendios de animales australianos! -


Appreciate to your quick transate, let us build up the greatest animal and pets blockchain group together! You will get 10 dpet token tomorrow, have a nice day!

Thanks to you! I hope to be of great help and contribution to the growth of this community! Greetings! #STEEMFOREVER