Downvote - a War For Power That Has No Real Mission - We Make Sewers Instead of Quality

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Those who made the most money, who owned the voting bots now "support" the Steem community. @pheresim @curangel, @acidyo and other golden guys bring in fear and ultimatums. Usually scared people hide behind the screen, here I am calling you all to slap you like little children. The point is to attack the @slowwalker and some other whales and bloggers who are not downvotes and illusions in this story. Mostly they have several profiles to subvert themselves as a witness, vote for their profiles or for the same people, they also have support from the same people. First, they attacked me and then they offered me to give them steem power so that I would not have stress, what hypocrisy. When I was giving thousands of dollars to steemschools and teaching others how to write posts, not be spammers, etc., then there were none of these guys to support me. Unfortunately, you are a lobby group that lacks creativity, which has brought us to these heights, that we as investors have all lost money, and now you still want to blame others and you have no guts to take responsibility. I invite you all to open debate to see your shitty arguments and the evidence of how honourable you are. You are a disgrace to this community, you are giving minuses to my son, who is 16 years old, whom I stimulate to become successful in life, and you, like idiots, are hitting my family.

The logic is if they stop medium-sized fish from writing posts, then they have enough power to attack whales. Your whole story stinks so much that people drown in shit. Your communication is full of curses, I wrote this post this way to show you that I am not afraid, and everyone is welcome to come to me personally to clarify some things about life.
Disgusting posts have good profits and only 5% of them are really worth it. Give me a list of people who are successful bloggers who are not supported by you or the same group of people? The point is that all this is just a story and your words and deeds have no arguments, you are just liars and fraudsters.

Something needs to change, I urge all real Steemians to be part of the positive changes to Steem blockchain, invite all my followers, and I'm grateful for the support. Think with your head, don't be scared because that's not the motivation to become successful.

I invite everyone to an open conversation on the steemschools discord channel
at 9 pm European Time Zone.

See you at the top


Original post written by @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools
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I wish thing are better. But this negative downvote lobby supporting unregulated excessive downvote abuse has created so much damage that will take months for community to regain trust and support to steemit.
I just checked coinbase numbers

Dobartim thank you for being loyal to steemit and giving us good review

We win only together

I agree with you
This is true

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This is historical post and we all share your opinion.
It starts as small play until few intoxicating others neutral steemeans to follow their downvote footsteps.
There is no quality choice in downvote.
Most of this downvote lobby target members to bully and implement their rules.
I have noticed that most of downvote people are not posting and practically hiding because they know others would reply and open communication on their posts.
In a way I respect the ones who express point of their view. However most of downvote steemit member lobby are not posting and they are hiding as active abusers and spammers in my opinion. That is proof that they are using downvote as form of abuse and spamming to innocent bloggers.
And it looks like they congratulate each other when they bully good solid investors bloggers like @slowwalker and many others etc.. weird!!!
I thought I have seen it all. But I guess there is always some new sewer rat that comes out here and that on Main Street.
No common sense other than to create negative image of steemit in public eyes.
Thank you for bringing this up to broad daylight and steemeans to understand and recognized negative lobby of downvoters.

Excellent point @dobartim