Where did the towers go ? The evidence of directed free-energy technology on 9/11 [Dr Judy Wood]

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I'm sure everybody's heard a billion theories on what happened on 9/11.

This #downtherabbithole post isn't about the political context, motivations or "who did it" - it's about how they did it.

Please try to forget what you think you saw happen that day.

Watch closely.
Do you see what I see ?

Dr Judy Wood has been researching 9/11 since it happened, and she's come up with a fascinating collection of evidence that 9/11 may have been one of the most public demonstrations of free energy technology ever. Right in front of the world. And because we were given an alternative explanation, and an intense media misinformation campaign, nobody even realised.

Since going public on her research Judy has been harassed constantly, particularly from a few well-known members of the "9/11 truth" community. The same people who claim all they want is free exchange of information, are doing everything they can to silence this particular avenue of research.

Please take the time to look over some of the evidence collected in this video summary titled:

Compilation of evidence: Irrefutable | Dr Judy Wood

You can find a huge collection of images , videos and notes on DrJudyWood.com

What do you think happened ?

Nano thermite , holograms, dustification with energy weapons ?
Or did 2 pilots really take out 3 skyscrapers with planes alone?
I'd love to hear peoples opinions and theories :)

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Since the video is no longer available, you could replace it with the high definition on Vimeo:


I think it was the underpants gnomes trying to expand their business model.

Deleted but here is mirror


Cheers buddy , this is the better compilation. Strange timing for that video to be removed after so long online - lets see how long this one takes :)


Goverment shuts it down

Truth is nothing but a mental process with many angles and consensus, (not a physical construct)
BUT! Accepting the official version of 9/11 tragedy, It is just lazy stupid!