Today I teach you how to make double skin milk of china!

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Today I teach you how to make double skin milk.
Double skin milk, meaning milk with two layers of skin. According to my reference to the encyclopedia, I learned that double skin milk is made from milk made from water, because the fat particles of water milk are relatively large, and it is easy to float to the milk surface and coagulate the thick skin. The skin that milk coagulates, it is to make up by adipose and protein actually, so the flavor of milk skin can be particularly strong and sweet milk flavor, really have kind of eaten to still want to feel.
However, this seemingly simple bowl of double skin milk has a little-known manufacturing skill.

In the process, begin to scoop the hot milk into a bowl. After a few minutes of cooling, a layer of milk can be clearly seen forming. Using chopsticks to Pierce the milk, bowl after bowl of milk, leaving the milk in the bowl, this is the first layer of double skin milk.
Add sugar and eggs to the milk and return to the bowl. At this time, the milk in the bowl curdled into the second layer of milk.
The upper part is sweet and the lower part is smooth. Strong aroma, tender and smooth mouth, leaving the lips and teeth fragrant.
With that said, here's how to make it in detail:
The preparation materials are as follows:
3 eggs, 20g granulated sugar, 390g milk, 110g light cream
The production steps are as follows:
1: pour the milk into the pan and heat, remember not to boil it.
2: pour the heated milk into the bowl first. Let the milk cool and let stand until it has a layer of milk skin on the surface.

  1. Puncture the milk skin with chopsticks and slowly pour out the milk from the bowl. Leave a little milk liquid to avoid the milk sticking to the bottom.
    (you can also pour the milk by winding it around the rim of the bowl.)

    4: divide the egg yolk into egg white, whisk egg white thoroughly until frothing, then add sugar and white granulated sugar to stir well.

  2. Add the poured milk and egg white and stir again.
    6: sift the mixed liquid of milk and egg white, remove the foam and bubbles on the surface, then slowly pour the milk back into the original bowl along the edge of the bowl.
    This step is critical and requires patience.

7: put the wrap on the wrap and put it into the steamer, steam it gently for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and then simmer for 2-3 minutes.
(remember not to use fire, otherwise the milk will form a honeycomb, just like a steamed egg.)

Follow these 7 steps to get a bowl of warm, creamy, creamy, creamy, creamy, creamy, creamy, creamy, creamy, and creamy!
Think about it and be happy. Act now!

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