Story Hero Dota 2: Chaos Knight, The Fundamentals of Chaos!!

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Chaos Knight is a veteran of countless battles in thousands of dimensions of the world. He travels around the world, starting from the highest ground where the fundamental laws of the universe are found.

Of all the ancient beings called Fundamentals, Chaos Knight is arguably the oldest and most relentless, endlessly searching for a figure he knows as The Light. The reason for his search is because the first The Light escaped from the place where the Fundamentals lived, betrayed the First Covenant, and ultimately ruined the harmony of the era.

Now Chaos Knight is still searching from one plain to another, and wiping out the light wherever he finds it, but has not succeeded in destroying The Light. Thousands of times Chaos Knight almost smelled the existence of the source of light, but he always slipped into another plain just to make him have to restart his quest.

Together with Armageddon, his favorite combat horse, Chaos Knight sailed the festival with his madness. He wanders around while drawing power from the chaos that occurs in every corner of the universe.

Chaos Knight can sometimes summon another version of himself from other realms to help him in the fight. Making him a lot with almost the same power, they ride Armageddon into a fight - making him unstoppable like a force of nature.

Chaos Knight vows will continue to create chaos in the world. Only if the last light has become extinct from the universe, then it will just stop making a mess and will just feel satisfied because the search is over. Wherever Chaos Knight rides his war horse, death will follow him anywhere in the world.

The world in Dota 2 itself is familiar with the figure of Fundamentals as some ancient creatures with enormous power. There are several references that say The Light is sought after is Ezalor - Keeper of the Light, the light guard. These two entities have long been "cat-kucingan", ever since Ezalor left the world of the Fundamentals and caused chaos to the peace of the world.

The power that can move from one dimension to another dimension, manipulating the dimensions of his skill-like skills such as Reality Rift that utilizes the power of Chaos Knight that can move from one dimension to another dimension, or Phantasm that utilizes the power of his dimensional manipulation and take his reflection of the fight which he once lived in another dimension.

Image Source: Chaos Knight

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