Doom II's final secret unlocked after 24 years

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It's tough to determine what's more impressive here: the fact that  people are still playing Doom II after nearly 24 years or the fact that  it took this long for someone to figure out how to activate the game's  last remaining secret. 

 A Doom 2 fan has discovered the game's final secret nearly 24 years  after its release, winning praise from the series' co-creator. 

 A player going by the name Zero Master posted a video on YouTube -- first reported by Rock, Paper, Shotgun -- revealing how to unlock the secret in the first-person shooter's 15th level. This was previously thought to be impossible due to a bug

 As Zero Master explains in the video’s description, the secret location  on map 15 (Industrial Zone) has long been known but was thought to be  impossible to trigger naturally without cheats. Until recently, the DoomWiki for the secret read as follows: 

 “It is impossible to register secret #4, as the secret sector in  question (sector 147) is located adjacent to the raised teleport pad and  is only 16 units wide. This setup completely prevents the player from  touching this sector's floor (as is required to trigger a secret),  because upon crossing the sector's boundary they are immediately raised  onto the pad and teleport away. Therefore, the maximum SECRETS  percentage one can get on this map is 90%.” 

 Experts have known the location of this secret, but couldn't access it without cheating… until now.

"CONGRATS,  Zero Master! Finally, after 24 years! 'To win the game you must get  100% on level 15 by John Romero.' Great trick getting to that secret!"  co-creator John Romero wrote on Twitter

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